Saturday, June 04, 2005

Wine, Beer, Scrabble, Treachery

Lucinda and her husband are coming over for dinner and to play Scrabble tonight. They are very good at the game. They swear that they don't practice this diversion. In fact they claim that the only time they play it is when they come over here, or are on vacation.

But the son-in-law always, always wins. Lucinda generally comes in second. Poor old Lucy and Niks struggle not to be the one who comes in dead last. I think the son-in-law has memorized all the three letter words that are in the Scrabble Dictionary. I mean really. I'm not going to stoop to that level. Besides, I don't have his memory. He probably read the darn list once, and then it was his forever.

Now, if you've read Lucinda's blog, you know that she can get a little tipsy on occasion. So can the son-in-law, but it never impairs his game skills. (Actually he never seems to get tipsy when they are here, just at their annual backyard family picnic.) I'm thinking that tonight I might have to get them flat-out zonked if I ever hope to win a Scrabble game against them. Their favorite beer is Beck's. My refrigerator is now FULL of the stuff. I'm just going to keep on pouring until I get them to lose their concentration. They are both thin to the point of being skinny, so I figure five beers (or less) each will do it. But I'm prepared with an entire case of booze. We've got empty bedrooms. They can sleep it off here. No danger of drunken driving.  Posted by Hello


dddragon said...

Let us know who wins!!

And perhaps you should memorize the four letter words.

AP3 said...

Two letter words are helpful, too. I hardly ever play Scrabble, myself. I'm just right-brained enough that it disturbs me that points are based on the "rareness" of a letter, and by the placement on the board. I think the most interesting words should get the most points! Left-brained people like Ekim are probably fine with the point system. That's my theory.

jevanking™ said...

You shouldn't have posted about this because now they know your plan. I always pull for the underdog, however if you are like me, the only word you will be able to spell is "be."

GodlessMom said...

When all else fails? Get 'em drunk! My hubby is so good at Scrabble that I don't even bother playing with him anymore. One word of warning though, I've tried the get 'em drunk didn't work, he still won but the game was a little more entertaining.

Good luck!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Never under estimate the ability of the skinny to put away the beer! I am 6 feet one inch, and weigh somewhere around 160. I wear 31x34 inch jeans.

Yet, at the bar I like the best there is a 20 oz beer mug with my name on it hanging above all the other beer glasses. I am the only one who uses it. The bar staff knows me by name and by my mug club number, which is 12. I do not know why I take pride in this fact.

Anyway, my suggestion is to spike that beer with something else, like LSD. That ought to make for an interesting game. When you can hear colors and see sounds, who knows what words you can come up with!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Jevanking is right. Lucinda probably read about this and they'll show up with overnight bags. That's fine. They are funny when they're one toke (or beer in this case) over the line.

Aral PPP you are correct also, Scrabble is a game not of spelling, but of strategy. The son-in-law is able to plot the best tactic even though this is difficult in a four person game. I want to spell a long word, or an unusal word. He puts down two or three letters attached to other words, and ends up with huge points. He's the first to say that he's not the best speller.

Jamie Dawn said...

You've got a good plan.
Just don't be a sore loser, if they beat you while being drunk.
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Anonymous said...

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