Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's Just Another Day in Paradise

I cleaned the refrigerator today. I'm a decent housekeeper, so it wasn't terrible or anything, but it's still amazing what you find in the frig.

Two plastic containers each with the remains of a can of cranberry sauce. I serve cranberry sauce any time we have chicken. So why didn't I finish the container that first landed in the refrigerator? Guess it got shoved to the back, and I opened a new one. I think the shelf life of commercially canned cranberry sauce is probably a hundred years or so.

Also there were two opened jars of the same kind of pickles. I combined those, as I had done with the cranberry sauce. There is a lot of beer in there too. I put a bunch in for last Saturday when Lucinda and the son-in-law were coming over. They drank a disappointing amount. So I'm demanding that they come back this Saturday and try to help empty the frig. Also there are 6 cans of Coors Light. Two friends of ours like Coors Light, but somehow they never end up drinking it here. Just when we're out together. Does beer keep forever? I need to know.

Then there is always the produce that goes bad. Those bags of pre-washed salad that are so popular these days don't keep very well. I wonder if they are really, truly, WASHED well enough? We haven't gotten sick so far.

Why do refrigerators have such deep shelves anyway? Seems to me that anything that works its way to the back is doomed to rot or mold. And how do crumbs get into a refrigerator?

You can tell I have a very exciting life.
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Doug said...

Actually, you make a really good point. When I bought my fridge, I wanted the one with the deepest shelves, but of course, if you go more than 8" back you need to be well-armed.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Doug, I really did LOL when the "well-armed" comment came through.

AP3 said...

"A decent housekeeper" is the understatement of the year!

As for the Coors Light: I'd say ask Lucinda and Ekim, except they'd tell you that it was bad on arrival!

actonbell said...

hahahha. Disappointing? If I'd had any more, I would've been less than chipper in the morning!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Last time I cleaned out the fridge, I found a beer! I was really happy. I was out. I felt like Tommy Chong finding a roach when he thought he was out of weed. And since I did not know I had that beer, it was like finding one for free!

Anyway, when food gets gross I have use for it. If it is a meat product, it goes into my gross stuff blender. I liquify it with some fish oil. Then I freeze it. When I go fishing, I have chum!

One of these days I am going to build a compost pile in a corner of the yard. Somehow, I will find a fishing use for that too.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

If you prod those "crumbs," they will probably move away.

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