Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

It's time for another scavenger hunt!

I love these things. I can't win this one because at least one person finished before me this time. In the you-snooze-you-lose category, she used the same picture that I had planned to use on the very first words, Aunt Ant. That Actonbell.

To make it easier on myself, I decided to not look at the rest of hers. That way I can claim not to know that she used one that I now pick.

Onward, if not upward:

Aunt Ant: This is a cricket visiting his Aunt Ant. I hope she doesn't think he's lookin' for a handout.

Brown Bear:

This bear has been treed by a cat! The bear below wonders, WTF?

Creamy Cow:
At state fairs across the country, things are carved and molded out of butter. This is a butter cow, and you can't get much creamier than that. Don't look at it too long unless you can afford to gain mega pounds.

Dumb Donkey:

Here the donkey isn't the real dummy, it's the driver.

Even Eagle:

Even this eagle doesn't know how he flies so high. His wings are fairly even too.

Floating Fish:

Why float when you can walk?

Gross Goat:

This goat sacrifice is gross. But I'll eat it after it's all cleaned and cooked.

Half Horse:

A horse's ass is about half of a horse I think.
But I'll measure to see:

Indian Iguana:

This Indian is cleaning an iguana in order to cook it I guess. Again, I think it's gross to look at it, but I'll try eating it if she offers me some. Probably tastes like snake. Of course snake tastes like chicken.

Joking Jay:

This looks like a joke to me. But then so does this below:

I imagine that the Blue Jays player who is pouring the liquid thinks this is a better joke than the one who is getting wet does.

Kitchen Kraken:

This is a kitten and a kraken in the kitchen.

Below is a kraken that is too big for the microwave. I think a kraken is supposed to be really big.

Lonely lobster:

This lobster is lonely, and so is the dumb guy who thought this would be a good way to store a lobster. 'Course he wonders why he can't get a girl to come over and help him eat it.

Many Manticores:

I hope these look like manticores to you. They look like crap to me.

Nosy Narwhal: All Narwhals are nosy. It's just their nature.

I'd hate to see one with its nose out of joint.

Oval Owl:

Oval's mother meant to name her Opal, but she didn't know how to spell it. Sorta like what happened to Oprah. Sh*t happens.

Painted Pony:

This will be a painted pony right after you finish painting it. It's an audience participation thingie.

Quantum Quetzal:
I don't know what a quantum quetzal is and you probably don't either. So I could put up a picture of anything.

This here is the quantumest quetzal I could find.

Round Rat:

This rat is not gonna be 'round much longer.

Silver snake:
I fear/hate all things snake, so I will not be spending any time on this one.

I could never wear this pin. *Shudder*.

Towering toad:
That's Mr. Toad high up there in his tower.

Umber Ultrasauros:

Utterly umberly. Utterly ugly too.

Vapid Vulture:

That's a vapid joke, no? Please, don't carrion about it.

Wise weasel:

Some wise-guy weasel took this awful photo. Some wise-ass weasel blogger posted it. That TLP.

Xenial Xenops:

This friendly Xenops is waving it's wing at you. Now, that's friendly. Just play along, okay?

Yawing Yak:
This yak is just about to vear off course and getcha!

This one doesn't know which way it was going in the first place.

Zombie Zorilla:
Say what???

My zorilla got done in by the zombies around here. So I got this book so that sorta thing doesn't happen again.

I hate those damn zombie parades. Ties up traffic forever.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something new

Did I tell you guys that I've started a yoga class? I didn't think so.

I can't do this yet.

Or this.

Certainly not this.

This one is still not within my grasp.

All I'm tryin' to do is to learn how to completely relax.

I've gotten this position down pat.

I'll keep you posted. No pun intended of course.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Make it up yourself

I almost wrote that I have nothing to say. That would be stupid. I never have anything to say.

So here. Make it up yourselves.

And yes, I did eat an extra bowl of stupid this morning. That makes, what? Twelve months in a row?