Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cow tipping

Radio question of the day: Red haired ladies have a special physical ability that most people don’t?

Some of you got really caught up in cow tipping yesterday. I had no idea it was such a popular sport. You guys!

There is actually a cow-tipping site! Manchego told me about it. Some people. There's just a couple, maybe three, people out in the world who have too much time on their hands. NO, no! I'm not talkin' about Manchego! I'm talkin' about whoever makes a site-for-everything-there-is-in-the-world-and-beyond. It's pretty amazing what you can find on the web. I love it.

Happy Birthday to my SIL Ekim, husband of daughter Acton Bell. He's really a peach, not a cow. Couldn't find a birthday peach. Okay, okay. I lied. I didn't even look for one. I shouldn't have even said that, 'cause I know that the less you say, the less you have to retract. I'm all about havin' to retract stuff I say. We all know that the secret of success is sincerity. I'm workin' on faking that. Then I'll have it made.

Answer to radio question: A higher tolerance of pain. Wonder if that includes dye-jobs? Like Lucille Ball.

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Doug said...

Peach tipping is ok, I guess. As long as Ekim doesn't mind.

Jamie Dawn said...

I tipped Cud-Elvis! He's been tipped over 338,000 times. Poor guy.

Happy Birthday, Ekim!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You couldn't fake sincerity if your life depended upon it. You are too sincere.

(P.S. Your swell pic to me today will show up once again, on Saturday. You might want to miss it.)

GodlessMom said...

Happy Birthday to Ekim! I'll admit it with all faked sincerity, I tipped poor Cud-Elvis too.

AP3 said...

Wow... I guess I can deal with virtual cow tipping. I can't believe Manchego would encourage you like that, though.

kenju said...

I must be a redhead way down deep; I have a high pain tolerance. I did have red highlights when I was younger.

actonbell said...

Good morning!
Ain't surfin' fun! Thanks for the bday tribute:)

Ivy the Goober said...

I'm having lunch with one of my friends today. She's a redhead. I'm going to jab her with my fork and test that theory :)

lime said...

headed daughter and i will attest to her high pain tolerance, interesting trivia