Monday, September 26, 2005

calling in sick

I get up at 5:30 AM, sometimes 5:00, so I can rest before going walking at 6:30 AM. I’ve always had to rest in the morning. Can’t jump outta bed and just start. Not made that way.

I have coffee and something to eat, and work on the New York Times Crossword puzzle. If you do the puzzle you know that Monday’s puzzle is too easy. You just fly right through it. Then you’re disappointed that you don’t have the puzzle to do.

The puzzle gets progressively more difficult each day. Tuesday is still very easy. Wednesday can go either way. Some are easy. Some are more difficult. Like that.

Thursday usually will make you think and keep you busy for a little while. Friday can be a bear. Saturday can be too. I always solve the darn thing, but sometimes I work at it off and on all day. Little at a time. Of course, some folks just tear right through them like they were easy every day. Some people.

Maybe I could do that if I could spell. Can’t spell worth a lick. Can’t read up and down either. Strange huh? Never even realized that about myself until I started doing crosswords. I guess when I read signs on businesses which are vertical I spell them out in my head real quick and then know what they say. But on crossword puzzles, I have to have a blank paper to write out the “down” answers so that I can see what the word is going to be.

Like if the clue is “Enters abruptly,” and the answer is 8 letters, and I have blank, “a” then “r”, blank, then “e”, then blank but I can guess it’s probably an “s”,blank, blank. I can’t see what the answer will be. But if I write it out like this: _ar_es__ , I will guess right away, Bargesin. Two words, barges in. They don’t tell you how many words it will be.

Good thing I have Niks to help some days. Like I don’t know who wrote “A Tract on Monetary Reform” which was in a recent puzzle. I had some of the letters, but he didn’t need to hear them. I asked him, “Who wrote A Tract on Monetary Reform?” and he answered Keynes, immediately. No hesitation at all. Doesn’t have a clue where his glasses are, or if he took his medicine, but he knows a lot of other stuff.

I don’t like to ask him clues. I just do it if I’m stumped or in a hurry. He likes for me to ask though. Makes him feel good. That guy.

I’m good at guessing the “cute” answers, like I knew right away that the answer to the clue “not stiff?” was “tip.” (Where is the heck is Jevanking the waiter anyway? He needs to start blogging again. He’s not going to be a waiter anymore anyway. But I will always think of him when I decide what to tip at a restaurant.)

But I didn’t start out to talk about crossword puzzles. I got off the track. That rarely happens to me. I just get right to the point usually. Don’t know what happened there.

I was gonna say that I e-mailed my friend Irene and told her I was taking today off. Using a “Personal Day.” She e-mailed back, and said she didn’t feeling like walking either, said she called in “Sick” to the park where we walk and we’re going to let the other folks who walk there take care of the place today. That Irene. She’s a joker.

Household chores are knockin’ at my door, but we all know I can ignore unwanted types at the door. So, I’m going to have more coffee, and read the rest of the paper.

Have a good day.


Tom & Icy said...

On these rainy drab days, I just feel like going back to bed.

Jamie Dawn said...

Enjoy your personal-non-walking day.
My parents do crosswords all the time. I keep a book of them by my bed, but I don't do them very often. I get in these moods and do a bunch of them in one day, and then the mood passes for a few weeks. Maybe it's menstrual related??

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

One of those days, huh? Well, it sounds as if you are going to turn it around and try to make it as good as possible!

Enjoy you day!

Mary said...

Enjoy your day. I'm sure the others can take care of the park for one day. :)

still life said...

You sound like you're having a Sunday kind of day.

Did you ever get your new crossword puzzle di ti na y?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Tell me, Luce, is 6:60 a.m. pretty close to 7 a.m.?

AP3 said...

Retirement sounds like fun. I wonder if my generation will get to retire....

You make the crosswords look easy!

natasha said...

Speaking of unwanted types, where'd Owen go?

Fred said...

Mom always does crossword puzzles, too. She gets USA Today in addition to the local paper just for the puzzle.

The highest level for me would be the TV Guide puzzle. Other than that, I stink at them. Really bad.

actonbell said...


Anonymous said...

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Doug said...

I remember "not stiff." Two Wednesdays back, right? One more thing to like about you.

Here's what I do to even out the week. I don't do them on the weekend. That way I can do Friday and Monday together, Tuesday and Saturday and Wednesday and Sunday and Thursday I do alone. The LATimes online is free and you can do those to fill the gap. I hope this helps with your retirement and doesn't completely prevent mine.

kenju said...

I keep a hard bound spiral book of crosswords by my favorite chair, and I do 1-2 per day all the time. I start with the vertical words and then fill in the others. The only clues I ask my husband are those of sports or war heroes; makes him feel

Goa'uld said...

It's pretty cool when teachers give you crossword puzzles as homework and grade 'em, because it's hard not to get a good grade because there is a definite answer (and it’s usually vocabulary from the text book; you know, the kind in bold lettering that always has the definition right next to ‘em? ;) ), unlike some essay questions and such...

Monique said...

You get up early to walk? I'm impressed.

I like crosswords too, but I like logic puzzle better.

My husband knows stuff too. Especially if it is related to sports or history.

Lulu said...

Have you tried Sudoku?

nope said...


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