Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy weekend everybody

Acton Bell and her husband Ekim give a family picnic every year. The picnic is tomorrow, so it will be a fun weekend. Our former son-in-law, Namron is arriving from California later this evening for the occasion, and will be staying with my husband and me.

Namron is Aral's former husband. They remain the very best of friends. Unfortunately Aral can't make it this year. She's working. Giving a presentation somewhere. Bummer.

I'm watching my weight, so this will be a test to see if I can resist overeating.

This is a big beer weekend for the younger crowd. Some folks get a little tipsy. Not namin' any names, but watching Acton Bell and her husband giggle and using the hoola hoop while buzzed is a sight to behold. I'll try to get a picture of it.


I'm looking for a good woman for Namron. Here are his particulars:

He is handsome.
He is honest, kind, and true.
He is 36 years old.
He has a PhD in Math.
He is recommended by his former wife.
He is recommended by his former mother-in-law.
His is recommended by his two former sisters-in-law.
He lives in the S.F. Bay area and teaches.
He likes cats.
He is a weight lifter. (The picture above is him.)

There. What more could a woman ask for? Know anybody? Oh! I forgot: he has a full head of hair. I've met his father and both of his grandfathers and since they still have all their hair, I'm guessing, but not guaranteeing, that he will not be losing the hair.

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actonbell said...

Great advert, Mom.
You already have plenty of hoola hooping pictures, thankyouverymuch.
I'm really looking forward to this--I may vacuum.

Pecos Blue said...

Can' help you there but--thank you for stopping by. I also added a picture of the bat flight. I will come back soon to see if you found any good material.

mlwhitt said...

Wow, if you are going to be divorced, guess it is good to have everyone formerly involved in your previous relationship be references for you. Ha Ha.

GodlessMom said...

I know someone who lives in New York who would be perfect! She is one of the most kind and loving souls I have ever known. Too bad there is a continent between them! I've been looking for someone for her for a few years now. Hmmmm.

GodlessMom said...

She is originally from California though. More Hmmmmm.

AP3 said...

Yeah, Namron Wolverine Pez is da bomb. If I weren't a big ol' lesbo, we'd still be married!

mireille said...

Aral, thanks for sharing *grin* *sorry, I know this is probably one of those family posts where you don't want strangers butting in* *but heck, you know all about me now so what the hey?* *Jeez, namron IS perfect* *Does he like Seattle? I have a 38 year old works-out-every-day blonde graphic designer with a six year old son I'd like him to meet* *heh* xoxoxoxo

Jamie Dawn said...

That's quite an ad!
Christina's mom is on the prowl, but her taste is very odd.
Hope he finds a good woman.
Have a great time!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Nonsense mireille! You are always welcome here. I think he's committed to his job in CA for at least the next year, so can your girl move?

mireille said...

For a guy who looks like that, she'd be a fool not to. xoxoxo

Fred said...

Sheesh - does Namron have x-ray vision, too? He makes me look rather pathetic.

A picture of Acton Bell and her husband using the hoola hoop? Priceless.

mireille said...

Fred, I'm sure you're cute. TLP, I put an encouraging post on Captain Advil's so-called blog. (One post all year? Are you kidding?) heh. xoxoxo

Tom & Icy said...

I bet he would be a nice Master for a doggie

Saur♥Kraut said...

Wow, again: What an incredible, warm family you have. He sounds like a catch! I know some great eligible women here, but CA is too far away.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Gee, he looks swell. I haven't been looking, but maybe.... Well, I guess not... Thanks for the offer though.

Doug said...

Does namron know you're doing this?

weirsdo said...

Dear Mrs. Tan Lucy:
First, I am sorry I missed you on your visit to Hobbesywood. You sound like a very nice lady with a nice family. If Norman ever wants a job as a bookkeeper, let me know.
Second, we at Stuffed Animal Planet are still very interested in broadcasting your fight. If it is difficult for you to make the trip to Hobbesywood, this could be arranged by correspondence. We would of course promote it on worldwide on The Pansi Files, as well as throughout Petesville.
Please do not make it necessary for me to resort to violence, as I am a peaceful man.
Very Sincerely,
Mr. Sal Banana
Producer, NG4J

Chicken Little said...

Does he like older women? Or will he come by just to help move furniture?

Lorraine said...

*Sigh* This is one of the things I really miss just sitting around here getting older every day --- Young men. Yeah Babeee, young, potent, lusty, sexy, cuddly, cute. Yummy.

There's a couple men about my age who live in my building, but even Viagra couldn't do much for them, I don't think. Bummer.

anne said...

Hoss told us - hell, Hoss ordered us to come over - and I have to say, this has got to be one of the best posts/commenting sessions I've seen in a while. Thank you for the laugh.
I'm single and French. Don't know if that helps. ;)