Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My American Job

Barbara from California has had a lot of discussion on her site about outsourcing, and buying things made in America, and so on, which has had me thinking about that all day.
For the most part I think that things made in the USA are well-made. We're hard workers I believe. I believe that labor unions are a good thing. Without the original labor unions we would not have retirement plans, paid health insurance, vacation time, sick leave, etc.
At the same time, perhaps American workers relaxed a bit too much. There is a lot of "It's not my job," attitude out there. Did our employers desert us first, or did we desert them first? Which came first? Posted by Hello


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AP3 said...

I think mostly our employers let us down first. It's hard to have pride in a job well-done, in some ways, when it has so little bearing on job security and such. Why should low-wage earners knock themselves out when they're such pawns to their employers? I can understand the feeling that "I've done MY job, and that's enough."

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Thank you for the plug, lucinda.

I try to buy American as often as possible, like LL Bean (although I just found out a towel I bought was made in Turkey.) I want to help those individuals here first, if possible.

There is a distinction between self-pride and the recognition we expect from others. I LOVE that road kill, by the way. A truly original photo.

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Jamie Dawn said...

That pic is funny! I guess it could be considered road art.

Raine said...

I think it happened simultaneously and is a natural occurrence as our economy changed and lifetime employment at one company became rare. I think unions were absolutely necessary but have become, in the 21st century, outdated due to the global economy and the mobility of workers.

jevanking™ said...

Boy, this is a loaded question, because I'm gonna upset someone whatever I say here.

I think that the employers let us down first, I mean that had to for us to have to form unions. However, I think that many employees take advantage of corporations through their unions. Yes, people get paid more which is good, but I also think that hourlys--especially in a unionized environment have a tendency to milk the clock, not show up for work, etc. Keep in mind this is from personal experience, not fact based (because I really don't want to take the time to research it :) ). It's just how I feel. Seriously, great question.