Saturday, May 28, 2005

Boston MA

Boston Posted by Hello
We had a beautiful day here in Worcester MA, so Aral suggested that we drive into Boston and see the Capitol Building. So we did.

We had been in Boston several times when Aral was in grad school, but somehow had never gone to the State House there. We also toured the old State House. Does that count as two "collected" Capitols? Nah. I guess not. We ate at a very good Italian Restaurant. What a fun waiter. Very old and very Italian. Dressed in a tux even. The prices were cheap for a big city. Amazing.

We saw two different street entertainers, both very good. Then went to Faneuil Hall and walked around, had coffee, etc. Ended up in a book store where I bought two books. I brought two books with me on the trip, but had finished both.


AP3 said...

Yeah, it was a fun trip. Thanks for buying lunch and paying for coffee and parking, etc. -- as usual!!

jevanking™ said...

I've never been to Boston, but I'd really like to go. I'm a west coast type of guy though...

I really want to go to Maine. Sorry I'm laying the travel dreams on you :). Glad you had fun.

actonbell said...

woohoo! glad you had a beautiful day, and--you're famous!