Friday, October 05, 2007

Another scavenger hunt

It's time for another scavenger hunt.

A is for Animated Apple
Word is that both these apples can get quite animated. Could be they get help.

B is for Bad Bee

This little sucker is just the baddest of the bad. Trust me.

C is for Cold Cat

He just about froze his whatevertheheck off.

This is an after picture. He came in to get warmed up.

D is for Drunk Door

This person was so drunk he couldn't find his keys. So he improvised locking his car door. That redneck.

E is for Evil Elevator

Evil here is in the eye of the beholder. The holder of the elevator door beholds this as something-less-than-evil.

F is for Fast Face

Everyone knows that the face that crosses the finish line first wins. I don't know why they don't just call the winner "The World's Fastest Face!"

G is for Greedy Ghost

The witches and fairies are just about as greedy as this ghost.

H is for Haunted Head

I'm glad the head in my house isn't haunted. Niks would pee all over the floor!

This is a thought that haunts me. Inconveniently being called back from the dead while on the head. That'd suck, huh?

I is for Indigo Igor.

Any fool can see that Igor is feelin' blue. I sees.

J is for Jumbled Jack.

If you don't get this one, well, then you don't know Jack.

Now we have K for Keen Kite:

I think this kite is very keen. Also way cool.

On to L for Last Liver:

I'm guessing that the owner of this last liver wouldn't last very long. Just sayin'.

Apparently M is supposed to make us think of Magenta Mist.

This makes me a tad woozy.

Negative North is easy.

I think of Ollie North in a very negative way.

Obsessed Orange is next.

Obsessed or possessed. You be the judge.

P is for Peeved Post and there are several good ones for this.

This doggie is peeved about a post that his blogger did. So he did what peeved puppies do.

The person who posted this was pretty peeved too.

Q is for Quiet Quince.
This is a picture of quince being still.

R is for Rosy Rabbit.

I found some interesting pictures of a gal named Rosy in her rabbit costume. I don't know what Rosy was thinking! That Rosy. I thought about picking one of them. But then, what was I thinkin'?

Svelte Soda is what we do for the letter S.

It hasn't helped me any.

T is for Teeming Tonsils:

Could one of you check that out? I'm not touchin' it.

U is for Under Union.

Someone under Union Square feels the way I do about Bush.

Velvet Vest:

Okay, there were better velvet vest pictures out there. But I like this guy. This place needs pretty'n up.

There are Wide Windows and there are wide windows. This here is a WIDE window.

This is the Philip Johnson Glass House. Nothin' but a big ol' window.

Once again I had to Google the meaning of the X words:
Xeric Xenagogue. So, xeric is dry, and xenagogue is a guide.

This may be too exciting to be labeled dry, but I did my best.

We're supposed to do Yodeling Yard.

I'm so sorry. There's no yodelling on this site. None.

Unless you count those guys in the back yard:

They can get noisy.

Z is the end of course. The time just flew by, huh? Kinda like this zebra. It's zipping on by.
Zipped Zebra:

Ya know I won the last hunt. That's 'cause I jumped right on it and did it fast. Notice that I waited for several days to start this one. So if I win again, it's not my bloody fault.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ariel said...

Wow, TLP, great collection! Some of the pictures cracked me up badly, my fave is the car door. It's just sooo there.

Tom & Icy said...

That is fun. Enjoyable.

quilly said...

I came into the first contest late. I was thinking this morning I had plenty of time to start -- but I am not certain I want to compete with you! I loved the haunted head!

actonbell said...

Wow, you find great photos! This looks like a lot of fun:) The haunted was great, fersure.

And that's some impressive religiouswacko stuff you got in your comments.

TLP said...

Well, thanks guys for taking the time to get through that first comment! I've gotten those the last few times I've posted, and I CANNOT delete them. Because they are so looooooonnnnngggg, you can't get to the final "delete" on blogger. So I'm changing things so that I don't accept anonymous comments. Sorry about that for some people who would like to use that feature.

AP3 said...

Um. Yowza! Nice comments. What up with that, yo?

Bravo on the scavenger hunt! That looks like a lot of work.

TLP said...

FINALLY! I got it deleted. Whew.

Ariel, thanks! I'm thinkin' there is nothin' in that car worth taking. Maybe they're trying to save the door itself.

You're sweet Tom. You too Icy.

Quilly, I wish other folks would join in the fun. I want to see what others do with it.

Acton, yes that jerk has been posting on my site for a few days. It's hard to get rid of the comments.

Rachel said...

Very nice TLP!! I don't know why you didn't want to check that cat's tonsils!! :)

TLP said...

It's a fair amount of work AP3, but more than a fair amount of fun. To me.

Hi Rachel. That kitty looks dangerous to me. I'm a wimp.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

THIS IS FABULOUS! You should definitely win again...!
Some are so funny and so damn clever...How do find these? It must take you weeks!!!

Perfection, my dear, Pure Perfection!

Christine said...

You are making me type random letters to comment now, aren't you. Shame on you for going to the dark side.

Jamie Dawn said...

That redneck's locked car door doesn't seem so odd to me anymore. I guess I'm truly settling into Hickville. I've seen some "dandy" sights around these here parts.

I LOVE the snowkitty, then the kitty getting warmth from the heater. Too cute!!

That glass house is pretty. I would HATE to have to keep those windows clean!!!!!!!

kenju said...

You've been really busy, haven't you?! How long did it take you to find all those?

mjd said...

You are very good at this ABC thing. I really enjoyed your choice for Negaitve North, and the Zebra is very cute.

Bela said...

Wow,they're wonderful!

That little kitten draped around the radiator is soooo cute! :-)

TLP said...

Old Lady, it actually takes about an hour. That's pretty much time, true, but it's fun. Wish more would do it.

Christine, you know the dark side has cake and ale, right?

JD, it's true isn't it? As you know I grew up in Hickville and the sights are ... interesting.

Judy, see above. It's fun.

MJD, thanks.

Bela, I loved the kitty too. So cute.

Libby said...

tlp- "quiet quince"? well, lemmesee...i was a produce manager for over 10 years, and you would not BELIEVE the loud drunken parties i used to find the remains of in the mornings!! lol!

Cheesemeister said...

I love that one of the cat near the radiator. My cat likes to sleep on the heat output vent.
But I coulda done without the picture of the woman holding the apples over her bosoms!

Cheesemeister said...

Oh yes, you did say you'd gotten the Hell Comment. After I got through saying WTF? I started laughing. Lily is now picking apart this comment bit by bit. Because it is so incredibly full of holes. When a bipolar woman who talks to ghosts thinks that something is naff, you can darn well believe that it is indeed naff!

TLP said...

You know, Libby, I've heard that about quince! Rowdy bunch. Good thing I found a still life of them.

I almost used a different one for the apples Cheesy. So many pictures, so few letters in the alphabet.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank you my dear, for your very sweet comment about my Anniversary..It is much appreciated...

I cannot believe this takes just about an hour...YOU are amazing...It would take me a whole lot longer than that...LOL!

I think my favorite is the kitty getting warmed up after being "frzen"...That is one dear dear picture....!

lime said...

if you win it iwll be because you are bloody brilliant!

PI said...

Excellent and reminds me of my own phobia of foreign loos; that a rat will come up and bite me on the bum. It is very off-putting

tsduff said...

Nobody doessssss it better... No competition at all when you jump in the game. Really, your imagination is great. I especially enjoyed your Magenta Mist.

Doug said...

Nice job. I'm still working on the first one. That me!

Haunted head cracked me up a little.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You're the bestest ever at rummaging, Sis. Let them other suckers play off for second place.

Melli said...

Ohhhhh my goodness! Well, I just put up my part one, and came to see what you had... darned if we didn't both use the same Cold Cat! Shoot! GREAT job though! I'll make sure now not to use any of your other stuff!

Minka said...

It wasn't your fault teh first tiem either...your golden gesture was just too hard to overlook.

there are quite a few really good ones in this as well!

The cold cat is rather cool, isn't it?!


TLP said...

Old lady, thanks again.

Well, there's that of course Lime.

That would put me right off the loo too PI.

You're sweet Terry.

Dougie, no lingering on "A" please.

Not that you're biased in my favor, Gene.

Melli, I'm comin' over to see yours!

I wish you would try it Minka. You'd be good at it.

puppytoes said...


here's hoping you do, indeed, win again for a job well done! : ) xox neva

Lucy said...

That was very interesting. This is a contest of some kind? I've been in hiding for a while so I don't know about a contest. But I say you win.

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