Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More boring even than usual

Why, why, why??? Why did I do this to myself? My kids will tell you that for years and years I have said I wanted to re-do the kitchen.

Well, Yeah, but I didn’t mean I wanted to live through the bother of it all. Didchaever hear me say that I wanted mess and bother? Noooooo, you did not.

I have spent two crappy hours this morning just with phone calls on this junk. Which means running up and down the stairs. Which is another *boring **story.

**Last week I was caught in a rain storm while at Wal-Mart (don’t ask what I was doing in the dreaded and evil Wal-Mart.) There was a deluge. I mean it poured. Buckets. Now, generally when it rains that hard it lasts only a few minutes. But not this time. I’ve never seen rain that heavy last that long. It rained hard for almost an hour.

People were piled up at every exit trying to outwait the storm. People with their carts full of purchases, and with their freak-show-hateful, loud, tiresomely demanding and selfish brats children weaving in and out their legs. Whining. I couldn’t take it I tell ya!
So I shopped some more.

During this extended shopping period I bought a new phone. Well, phones. Which have to be charged for 16 hours. I just installed those phones down stairs last night. That means that I have to run upstairs to answer all incoming calls.

Meanwhile back to the kitchen: so far I have selected the counter top, quartz; a color, Oahu; an edge finish, half bullnose; a sink, a faucet, a drain (yeah—you hafta pick a drain!) and I have paid for all of it. But that was sorta fun. Half-fun.

Messin’ with coordinating dates for the tear-out and the template and the install is no fun. Nope. Not at all. Finally, FINALLY, I remembered who the heck I am. Not-to-be-messed-with is my normal operating mode. That Lucy.

Now, the company which already has my money firmly in its pocket has wisely decided to do all the coordinating. ‘Bout time. The tear-out is July 30, the template measure is July 31, the install is who-the-hell-knows-when. And all that is just the counters, sink, etc. I promise, swear, commit, and affirm that I will not bore you with any of the rest of the stuff that will be done eventually. Not because I feel sorry for you, or because I think anyone other than my daughters is still reading this, or gives a good gahoot. Just sayin’.

The fact that I will be without a kitchen sink and counters for a week or so should not make you feel sorry for me. Not a bit. Not for a minute. You guys. Hard-hearted bunch.

* I promised you boring right up there in the not-fine-print at the top of the blog.


Christine said...

Look at the bright side, you'll get to eat out for an entire week. No dishes!
Since I am someone who has sold a house rather than deal with the inconvenience of dealing with a broken kitchen drawer plate...good luck and god speed TLP!

Libby said...

yup. in my opinion, a kitchen is overrated...

goldennib said...

This was funny. You are going out to dinner every night right? As in nope I don't gotta cook, kitchen's a mess.

TLP said...

Christine, We've been in this house for 34 years, so I don't move on accounta a broken drawer, but I do throw away a microwave oven if it gets dirty. (The husband has been told to cover anything he puts in the microwave. If things splatter in there, it's not my job to clean'em.)

Libby, I'm not very domestic either.

Goldennib, We'll have to go out! No sink, no cooking. I didn't even mention the new dishwasher. It can't be hooked up until the new sink is in.

jan said...

I went through a kitchen remodel three years ago. It was horrendous, hideous, frustrating and generally terrible. But I won't bore you with the details.

Peter said...

Not a problem, when I moved into my house the old kitchen was so horrendous it was an absolute pleasure to have the inconvenience of a replacement installed so I guess it depends on how low down on the totem pole you are starting.

TLP said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Jan.

You got a point Peter.

Rachel said...

Once it's over it'll be wonderful and so nice!! Then you will forget all about the pain and agony of the week it's being done.....you know....like giving birth!

kenju said...

If you get to eat out 3x per day for the duration, isn't it worth it?

Bela said...

Oh, poor TLP!

*I* need encouragement to get my bathroom redone: I've been living with half-tiled, peeling walls for over a year. I think I'm waiting for all the tiles to fall off by themselves so I don't have to have them removed forcibly and noisily. I cannot stand having workmen in my home!

Hope it's not as painful as you fear.

Doug said...

On the bright side, think of all the cleaning you get to do when the work is finished!

Oh, and awwwwwwwww.

lime said...

i have to say being caught at walmart during an hour long deluge is a really awful fate. i've been there, done that.

also lived thru a kitchen thing when i woke up one moring to find all my appliances ANd sink inthe bakc yard due to apip ethat burst in the night and i slept thru all that. of course i was 8 1/2 months pregnant with a 9 .5 lb baby at that time too. i announced we'd be eating out or having frozen meals in the microwave until i had a functional kitchen again becasue i wasn't lugging no dirty dishes up to the clawfooted tub i could nto longer reach into.

i say use this time for leverage to have some really nice meals out.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

half-bullnose? Is this where you install rings in the countertop to hold your horses' reins? Something like that? But why would you want horses in the kitchen. You are really strange. Not to say NOT boring....

AP3 said...

Let's have a pity party... one, two, three, AWWWWWWWwwwwwwww!

I've been having AOL connectivity AND T-mobile cell issues the past couple of days. It was like being back in the early 90s.

actonbell said...

OH, boy! How exciting. A brand new kitchen to enjoy every looooong, retired morning of the rest of your life. Just think, by September, you'll hardly remember any of this. No, your days will fluff by on a cloud of 9's. Or something like that:)

Good luck! Hang out at the Indian place at Hartsdale Mall. Two paws up.

TLP said...

Rachel, nice. Child birth. Sweet. Sweet Jesus girl!

Judy, actually I can get tired of eating out. It can happen.

Bela, thank you! You feel my pain.

Doug, that does give me a lift. I like to clean.

Lime, I, too, can sleep through anything. A train in the living room? Didn't hear it.

Gene, bro, I can always count on you. (I pointed to a shape and they said, "Half bullnose." I got it in writting.)

AP3, *shutter* the early 90's! Like death.

Acton, September is too optimistic I fear. Don't forget tile for the backspash, the lighting, painting, window treatments, the floor. But of all of the stuff to be done, this first "tear out" is my big dread.

TLP said...

If anyone thinks that I'm going to delete that because of "writting" and repost "writing," you got a 'nother think comin'.

Lucy said...

I'd love to follow your kitchen redo... Having you recap what happens -- would be hysterical....

no pressure..