Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mama taught me to share

When Minka and Doug visited over the weekend, Minka brought me a box of candy from Iceland.

I should have opened it right then and there and shared it with everyone. But I was excited with the company, etc., and I didn't do that. That's what Hoss would call too bad.
So here ya go. Help yourself. It's goooood candy!

It's got one of those thingies inside that tells you what candy is filled with what. But it's written in Icelandic and I can't read it. So when I get one that has liquor in it, it's not my fault.

On Sunday Minka, Doug, Actonbell, 3D and I went to Hershey and did the Chocolate World tour. I bought more chocolate of course. One thing I got was Hershey's Sticks. They have only 60 calories per stick! So I went ahead and ate the entire contents of the box. I mean, they're so low in calories and all, might as well eat plenty of them. That's why I can't share those with ya.

Minka brought me a book on Iceland too. It's really nice, but you can't eat it or anything, so I've shared it with a few people. You know how sweet I am.

Now Libby, who bounces so much you hafta call her LiBbY has decided to interview me. That’s ‘cause she’s just about as sweet as me. But not quite of course.

Here I’m gonna share my interview with you, like Mama always said.

It was supposed to be five questions:

1.Who was your favorite cartoon character when you were a kid? has it changed?

This is two questions, but out of the pure-dee goodness of my heart, I’m going to answer both of them.

The Roadrunner and poor ol’ Wile E. Coyote were my first favs. Now I favor Calvin and Hobbs. I guess you notice I never liked my cartoon characters to be all nice and stuff.

2. What was your favorite book that you would read over and over as a kid?

I read things like the Black Beauty series and lots of mysteries. I didn’t read the same book over and over. I was lucky to be a kid in a time when children didn’t wait for an adult to take them to the library or a book store. We walked. No adults needed. My sisters and I walked to the library and took out the maximum number of books allowed, which was four. We went home, read them in a day, and walked back and got four new books. It was wonderful. One summer I spent with my aunts out the the hills of Tennessee. No library and no books. I did read their Romance Magazines over and over. Hoo boy! That was a long hot summer!

3. I know 'mama' was the biggest influence in your life...who was the next biggest? (i LOVE your stories about her!)

Mama was a wonderful piece of work. A true hoot! My sister Doris was the second biggest influence in my life. She was six years older than I, but took me everywhere. She and her friends were wonderful to me. She was in love with Mario Lanza and took me to see all his movies. Now, those, we saw over and over and over! Because of her I love opera. That Doris.

I took care of her when she was dying of cancer. She was in terrible pain, but let me take her everywhere in a wheelchair anyway. I was holding her hand when she died. She said, “Well, no one can say I took to my bed.” And I learned that from her too.

4. Did you ever wonder before you married 'papa pez' lol..niks, that is..."is this the right thing to do?", especially because you were so young?

Actually no, I didn’t wonder. ‘Bout the smartest thing I ever did. I mean that. I got lucky. Can't even make a joke out of that. I married up.

5. How do you think the world will end, and when? (had to throw a depressing one in there, didnt I?)

Well, I think it will end with a bang. I think the earth will collide with an object that is whizzing along towards us right now. I don’t think it will happen soon, though. I think humankind will be ended long before the collision happens. And here’s how I think humans will end:


Libby said...

oh, tlp, those were GREAT answers! especially the last one!! i was wrong on one of your fav books though, i was guessing you'd say "The Secret Garden"!

Rachel said...

Oh TLP, YOU are a hoot!!! (It's probably from swallowing all that gum!)

I do hope if ever need be that I can be as spunky as your sister was.

I tried to get a piece of chocolate but it's just not possible through my monitor. Darn!

TLP said...

You know, Libby, I did enjoy "The Secret Garden." In my day in school, after lunch recess, the teacher would read a chapter of a book to us. That's the way I "read" Secret Garden. She would read at least one chapter to us every day, until it was finished.

Thanks Rachel. There aren't many like Doris. I miss her.

Doug said...

You know, I read horse books too and I turned out OK. You know what your post is missing? A gift from Doug. That Doug!
*scans the heavens for a falling Acme anvil*

TLP said...

That Doug can follow directions (just not maps). I want the blogging world (as if) to know that I told you NOT to bring me anything. GOOD DOG!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

First of all, I want the piece of candy that is in the 4th row from the left, bottom piece. And then the piece that is 3 rows from the left, and right in the middle of that column. Then I want.... ?? You ran out? Pish.

The Earth will end with a sizzle. Like when the Sun becomes big and huge and....sizzly.... You know.

actonbell said...

Great interview:) Those summers off school with no jobs...those were the days.

Diesel said...

Is there some kind of list that I have to get on to get Minka to visit me? I'm jealous.

kenju said...

I want the ones wrapped in aqua foil, please!

"They have only 60 calories per stick! So I went ahead and ate the entire contents of the box."

You are just like I am!!

Minka said...

I think the way to eat Icelandic chocolate is to hide somewhere where no one can see and have a dig at it ;)

You do good work!

now as to the questions...number 3 was well answered, well written and beautiful!

TLP said...

Gene, you can have any piece you want. Obviously!

Acton, but kids don't know it at the time.

Diesel, Maybe she takes hints.

Judy, you know how to prevent sagging? Just eat till the wrinkles fill out. I think it's working.

Thank you Minka. And thanks again for the chocolates! They are yummy!

PI said...

Don't you realise I'm not eating chocolate at this precise moment in time - with great difficulty? Having read the rest I'll forgive you. Ah Mario- 'Be My love...'
Yay for Mr TIP!
Did you like 'Little Women?'

MyUtopia said...

As a kid I read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nhym over and over again as a kid.

TLP said...

I feel your pain on the chocolate Pi. I liked Louisa May Alcott in general, but had forgotten about Little Women.

Never read that myutopia. I must have been very good.

Beth said...

The only book I re-read as a child was "The Wind in the Willows". I STILL like that book.

lime said...

icelandic chocolate huh? they shoulda given you a translation page with it. i don't liek the surprise of bitingi into some luscious piece of choccy and having it contaminated with booze or coconut. it's distresssing....just thinking about it makes me twitch...i think i need a piece of good chocoalte just to calm me down now...

AP3 said...

Wish I had been there! Luckily I get to meet Doug and Monika soon myself...

Cheesemeister said...

I like the cartoon. I wish I had some candy like that!

goldennib said...

Great interview. You are SOOOOOO sweet to share all of your goodies with us, even if it's only looking.

My religion is more peaceful than your religion, damn it.

Keith said...

Looks like the mice have already chomped their way through some of the chocs!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL..THis is a GREAT Post, TLP! I love the way the world is going to end and the fight...LOL!

That candy looks quite wonderful...MmmmmmYuuuummmy!

Were youre ears burning on Thursday dear TLP? Because Jamie Dawn and I were talking about you right here in my living room, here on the hill....We both love you and love your humor..We laughed a lot over your friend who was just visiting you from Utah?
Anyway...she is now visiting her folks up in Northern California and then will be going on a Driving trip, meeting dear Rachel..We had a great time!

Dan said...

I've been smelling chocoloate all morning. So THIS is where the smell is coming from!

Goodness, look at all of that chocolate. Are you really going to eat that all yourself? Are you? Are you? :)

TLP said...

I've heard good things about that book Beth, but never read it. I wonder, is it too late for me now?

Lime, anything with chocolate is better.

AP3, your turn is coming up!

Chocolate covered cheese maybe, Cheesemeister?

NO! MY religion is the most peaceful Goldennib! I'll fight you to the death over it!

Keith, I blame it on the fairies.

Old Lady, you are so lucky to meet JD. I think that Doug did as well.

Oh yeah, Dan. I would eat it all, no worries. But my husband hid it. He does it for my own good.

G said...

Well I'm glad I came by to wish you Rabbit rabbit and saw the chocolate. A little drool just dropped on my desk.

Lovely intereview - really nice. It kind of read like a movie to me.