Monday, July 23, 2007

Hot time in the old town

Or a warm evening in the little borough.

Met a couple of bloggers over the weekend. I'm not so sure that they would like their pictures shown, so we'll just do the foot thing.

One of the feet is Doug's. Can't remember which. The others are Actonbell's, mine, 3D's, and Minka's. I'm the only one who put the correct (left) foot in.

It's pretty amazing to meet people that you have known only through blogging. Amazing and very nice. I truly appreciate their coming to see us. I hope a good time was had by all.


neva said...

woohoo! if i couldn't be THERE, and least i can be here... and first!

sooooooo glad you guys had such a wonderful time -- soooooo sorry some of us didn't get to join in on the fun. ah well... next time, right?? right!!

i know which foot belongs to teh Penguin and i'm pretty sure i can guess which one belongs to Doug -- as for the others? hmmmm... Doug's (top) then 3D, YOU, Actonbell... and, teh Penguin. am i close??? ; ) xoxox

neva said...

clockwise. did i mention that? i meant to... d'oh! ; )

Libby said...

tlp-it's so neat to meet people from other countries on here that you would never even have known about if not for the internet!!

Boo said...

I love meeting bloggers. I have met 10 and I haven't been disappointed yet. Good for you, I'm glad it was a fun time.

TLP said...

Well, maybe in Chicago Neva? Clockwise the feet are (top) Doug, Acton in white, me, 3D, and then the ice queen. (So, close, but no cigar.)

Libby, it was wonderful. I recommend it.

yeah Boo. It's a whole new world out there.

Doug said...

No no, TLP, that's me in the white princess sandal.

Here's how good a time I had: I traveled for 14 hours after I left you, got home just a little before midnight and woke up feeling like I'd had a great vacation.

TLP said...

Ooops! Sorry Doug! I'd forgotten what color nail polish you had on.

I'm still in awe of the whole event.

kenju said...

GOOD for you! I wish I was there. I met two last Friday for lunch and another one today for lunch. I will never tire of it!

actonbell said...

It was a fabulous weekend with a couple of reallyreally nice, interesting people:) And Neva, it would be cool to meet up in Chicago! This meeting other bloggers deal is just the cat's meow.

TLP said...

Isn't it fun Judy? Just a few years ago, no one could have convinced me I'd be doing this stuff.

You said it Acton! Right on.

Mo'a said...

Yes, I see it, those are the "Happy Feet"
Chicago sounds good...I hope I will not be in Denmark, Iceland or Italy when Chicago comes up...I shall check on that and make sure I am free for Chicago...What are frequent flyer miles for anyway?!!!
I am green as I said in another place and happy for you at the same time.

TLP said...

Denmark, Iceland, Italy, poor thing Mo'a. Chicago will be way better.

Doug said...

The road confused me, I'll admit
Until we reached your fine door
Considering whom we'd come to meet
I'd expected it to wind more.

G said...

And a lovely foot you have! Along with the other celebrants! Looks like a good time and I can't speak highly enough about what a good time is had meeting blogger buddies - particularly the two that you met.

They'll always be Chicago, ay?

G said...

By the way - I really can see the family resemblance!

TLP said...

On curves ahead
Remember, sonny
That rabbit's foot
Didn't save
The bunny

I didn't shave on Saturday Doug, which may have added to the confusion.

G, they are great fun! On the family resemblance: yes! ALL of us, and I do mean 100%, have 5 toes on each of our feet! It's uncanny.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I will be meeting a blog buddy on Thursday...She is cming cross cioybtry to visit her brother, and I am one of the bloggers she is going to visit with! I am reallt looking forwarc to this....I have only met one other blogger...Wendy from New Zealand.....Andnow she practically doesn't blog at all!

It sounds like you had a GREAT time! And I love the Feet and shoe picture! (lol)

Minka said...

There's my flipper! Yayyyyyyyy.

I met some of the Pezes and I can only tell you guys, if you were ever contemplating the same... go for it.

They are just as you imagine...dispensing pezes of wisdom, laughter and ordering around any given moment. Once you know the rules, it is quite easy moving among them. I had such a great time, thank you guys so much for, well...being you!

I am good,thank you! :)

Logophile said...

OOOOOH good fun!
I knew Acton right away and was only puzzled for a moment about which might be the penguin and which was 3D.
I love that you put the correct foot in, Lucy.

TLP said...

Old lady, it is great fun to meet new folks, thou I feel as if I've known them a long time.

Just do it my way Minka, and no one gets hurt. (BTW folks, she's not good ya know.)

Logo, I have no idea why people want to be so RIGHT all the time.

neva said...

by the way -- i realized as soon as i left that second comment that you had already shared the proper order in your post. and i was thisclose to saying "d'oh!" when a certain penguin came racing out of the powder room and literally bumped me out of my chair.

so, y'know... i got it wrong, and i'm incredibly embarrassed, because that shouldn't have happened.

did i say embarrassed?? heh heh. i meant to say jealous, because, truth be told, i could care less who's foot went where. i just wish mine had been poking in there, too! ; )

Mo'a said...

March 2007...depends on what part of the month...I might be in Hawaii...I know "Poor me"

Rachel said...

Looks like sandals were the footwear of the day, except for the one who wore tennis shoes! One just had to be different, right?

How wonderful to meet blogging friends. I think (I hope) to meet one this weekend!!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I would have probably been wearing my Crocs.

Libby said...

tlp-here are your questions for your interview...

1. who was your favorite cartoon character when you were a kid? has it changed?
2. what was your favorite book that you would read over and over as a kid?
3. i know 'mama' was the biggest influence in your life...who was the next biggest? (i LOVE your stories about her!)
4. did you ever wonder before you married 'papa pez' lol..niks, that is..."is this the right thing to do?", especially because you were so young?
5. how do you think the world will end, and when? (had to throw a depressing one in there, didnt i?)

Bela said...

Oh, how fun (as you say over there)! When you come over here, we can do the foot thing too. I'd love that! :-)

tsduff said...

Man alive, you guys all sure do get around...