Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Been there and back

My visitor has come and gone. Gone at last.

She doesn't like to spend money, and doesn't like for me to spend my money either. But I decided that I'm (large and) in charge, so I made a hotel reservation in King of Prussia. I'm happy to spend money. That's what money is for.

She wanted to see the Amish Country, and so we toured that.

We chased this poor guy down so she could get a picture. I didn't feel so good about that. But I was driving, so I could have refused. The Amish don't like to have their faces pictured, and she didn't get his face, so that's okay. The kids in the back of this buggy were so cute.

The farms around this area are very pretty really.

We toured an Amish farm house that obviously is no longer owned by the Amish, but you do learn a lot from the tour.

Then we drove to Strasburg to the railroad museum. Railroads were a big thing in that area.

Then on to King of Prussia. We spent the night there, and drove into Philadelphia the next morning. We went straight to Franklin Institute King Tut exhibition.

That's Bindy at the top of the steps, adjusting her turquoise-colored backpack. The backpack has "Ashley" embroidered on it. She got it cheap from Lands End 'cause Ashley changed her mind I guess.

They don't let you take pictures inside the exhibit. Bindy loved the displays and artifacts. I think my attention span is faulty, 'cause I got a touch bored er, tired of the brain got full. There's not so much room left up there ya know. I got important stuff to remember.

We then caught the Phlash, which is what the Philly bus is called, into town, and left my car at the Franklin. Once in town we took a double-decked bus tour. That was great. Very enjoyable, and something I hadn't done there before. The guide was wonderful.

On a bus tour the pix you get are mostly of hairy arms in front of you. I did get pictures of armpits and bra straps, but I like this guys arms. So that's what you get to look at.

We drove home Saturday night, went to the Mormon church the next morning which was awful, and in the afternoon toured our state Capitol Building. It was open because our state government had not yet passed a budget. Those guys. So we saw the beautiful building, and watched a little of the House debate on important stuff, like smoking in bars and breast feeding babies in public. No reason to get right to the budget. It was only 15 days or so late at that point.

Monday we went to Gettysburg. I made my husband Niks go with us. He knows lots about Gettysburg, and I needed help. My jaws were tired from gritting my teeth and smiling.

Here (above) they are at Little Round Top, to the left of whatever monument that is. Niks always has to wear a hat on accounta he's bald and the sun is too much for him. Even when it's cloudy.

This is them at what I think this is the Louisiana Monument at Gettysburg. Unless it's not. There are a LOT of monuments on those battlefields.

I've bored myself right to pieces on this post. It's not easy living up to my B-O-R-I-N-G promise at the top of my blog. But I do try. I am so sweet, I do amaze my own self.


Libby said...

thanks for these pictures! and thank you for gritting your teeth and being polite and not smcking her and pushing her off the top deck of the bus...cuz, you know, we'd miss you in might not get much 'blog-time' in the joint...

TLP said...

Hey Libby! We're both up too late. Well thanks for sayin' you'd miss me. I did miss a coupla good chances to kill her, didn't I?

The Lazy Iguana said...

I took some chick to the King Tut thing that was in Ft Lauderdale. When the old stuff got too "boring" there were other things to look at. It all worked out fine.

Too bad the chick turned out to be insane. Oh well. I sure can pick em.

Logophile said...

Glad you and Ashley managed to get all that worked out. Great photos, I especially like the hairy arm in the foreground although I'm not a big fan of his watch. My husband took me to Gettysburg on our honeymoon, there is nothing like Little Round Top to put one in the mood for love, NOT.

Peter said...

Hi Lucy, was just a teeny bit of that "tongue in cheek" or is Bindi really the visitor from hell??

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL..Best laughs I've had ALL Day, my dear TLP....
You are hilarious. Truly. Bindy would have been long gone back to Utah, if it had been me....You are TRULY, a great great friend...!
I went to Gettysburg a million years ago...I was very very moved by it and my mother couldn't have cared less...Bored, like you.
I want to hear more about that Mormon Church...(lol)....!
Really bad, huh?
Niks was a good sport to come along to Gettysburg. LOVED the "ARM" in Philly....LOL!

See? That post wasn't boring at all, my dear!

TLP said...

Lazy, there are just one or two crazy chicks out there. Maybe you met them both. Or I could be wrong. Maybe there are hundreds...or more.

Logo: a honeymoon in G-burg???!!! Hoo boy!

Peter, tongue in cheek hell! I've bitten completely through my tongue.

Old Lady, I tolerate Bindy because I love her mother, who is 90. It's the mother who is my true friend. (No one else in that family is anything like B. in any way.)

goldennib said...

The Amish country is so beautiful.

When we recently toured Philly we did the trolly tour and pictures were hard to take there too.

War sites always look the same to me.

And you are not boring.

Rachel said...

I'm glad you took Bindy around and showed her the sites, even if you did do lots of teeth grinding!

I didn't know we had double decker buses in this country. I thought they were all in the UK! Shows you what I know, which is not much of nothing!!

The Amish farms are so pretty with the flowers.

Thank you for not showing us any armpit pictures. For that I am deeply grateful!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Your post brought me back to the eight months that I lived in Philly.
I went to a mall in King of Prussia a few times.
King of Prussia sounds so... royal. I like that name.
I could sound really snooty if I was from King of Prussia. "Bow at my feet cuz I'm from KING OF PRUSSIA!"

Your state capitol building is divine.

kenju said...

YOU are never boring and I love seeing photos of places I've never been! I hope to follow you to the TUT exhibit soon.

Doug said...

You know what might do you some good? Visitors who don't mind you to spend your money.

actonbell said...

Great post & pics:) I haven't actually gone on a battlefield-tour in quite some time; the childhood bored memories are still enough. It was so sweet of you to do all this.

TLP said...

Goldennib, you are too kind.

Rachel, I should get credit for not posting butt crack photos too.

J.D., the mall at K of P is to die for!

Judy, most folks love the exhibit.

Douglas, as Rosemary would say, "Come on-a my house my house...."

Acton, sweetie, you were BORED by G-burg???? You totally hid that. Not so much.

AP3 said...

You amaze my own self too. Well, you survived!

TLP said...

Yep I did AP3.

neva said...

okay, now i know i can't wait to come out there and meet you some day, if only to watch YOU enjoy the sites!

i suppose i should be embarrassed to confess that we lived in Villanova for 2 years (while Joel worked in Philly), and the only thing we managed to "see" was the King of Prussia Mall. okay... and Valley Forge, but only because it was just down the street!

wait -- i also got a tattoo in Kutztown... that counts for something, right?

here's hoping your next "round" of company is as much fun to entertain as Bindy was! ; )

Tom & Icy said...

Your writing is so entertaining and delightful and funny.

Jocelyn said...

The "Ashley" backpack is killing me.

Wonderful run-down of what you did and saw!

TLP said...

You have a tattoo Neva? Okay, now I HAVE to see it. The next company was sooooooo much more enjoyable than B. was!

T & I, you are too nice to me! That's why I love you.

I agree Jocelyn, the Ashley on the backpack just about finished me off. But in a way, it doesn't compare to what she eats. Don't get me started.

PI said...

Gosh TLP you sound the perfect hostess and I'm leaving right now! See you before you know it:)

lime said...

pity the guy in the special underpants and white lycra shorts wasn't at little round top for you liek he was fgor us. it was the end of the day and really perked us up quite a bit. haw!