Monday, June 12, 2006

Barking up the wrong meter

Radio Question of the Day:

A recent survey asked: "Besides love and money, what's the one thing you need to make you truly happy?" What was the Number One answer?


Just about three people are born every second. About 1.333 people die every second. So, there's a 2 and two-thirds increase in the population each and every second. About 10 people have been born while you were reading this little factoid. Stop reading NOW! Get out and run over or otherwise kill a few folks. No wonder it's so hard to find a parking space. Jeez.

Hey, didcha know that the parking meter was invented by C.C. Magee in 1935? That Magee! Musta been a greedy bastard.

Another very interesting fact: The average motorist will spend over two weeks of his or her life waiting for the traffic light to change. I've been behind a couple of those people. Whatcha gotta do is HONK. Loud. Some people. 'Course once I honked at a guy who got out, came to my car window, and thanked me for letting him know that the light changed. We missed a coupla green lights while he was being so polite to me.

Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:

Duh. Well, with enough money you can get a lot of love, and sleep around all you want.


Fred said...

You're back! And, I'm first!

Hope you enjoyed all that time off, TLP. We missed you out here.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, hell, I sure missed this one. I thought sure the answer was "Ragtop pervertible."

This outta yer new computer, Lucy? Good stuff.

lime said...

LOL@ at the guy who got out of his car to thank you. that's sooo funny.

still life said...

See, now I would have guessed a Black American Express Card (for the ultimate high spender in me).

Those honestly are pretty amazing statistics for birth rates. I'm figuring that after reading your post and then manually typing my reply (voice program is down), at the LEAST, around thirty babies were born. CRAZY!

still life said...

I've realized that with a lot of money at my disposal, Amex would offer me a black card anyways!

So actually, with money and love in possession, what else does a person require?

LZ Blogger said...

I got out as soon as I saw how many people were BORN! So guess I missed the question? ~ jb///

Tom & Icy said...

Love the cartoon. Woof.
Bob Barker had better start saying "Help control the people population. Have a friend neutered!"

KristieD said...

this stuff is great!! And the guy in the car in front of you...that guy.

Good to see some stuff from you...we missed you 'round here.

Logophile said...

Sleep makes me happy!
The really fun part of that statistics WHERE those people are being born. The majority are not in developed nations, which makes for fun times when you start figuring out replacement populations of countries that have been industrial powerhouses.

The Lazy Iguana said... far as I know I have not contributed to the population boom. So at least I have that going for me.

By the way, how is the new computer working out? Did you get a Mac? I think my next laptop will be a Mac. I shall never own another desktop computer again.

actonbell said...

haha! Hilarious post.
Sleep? I'd thought it'd be "the ability to eat and drink anything at all and not gain weight." Or just health in general.
Sleep?? You're right--rich people have all day for that.

Peter said...

Hi Lucy, welcome home, a good start with the statistics even if a bit frightening.

Minka said...

Is that a new post? On this site?
Welcome back and as usual with style.
When people honk at me wiating at a traffic light just as it turns yellow...I usually wait another red light...juts to be annoying. I mean every car has a radi or CD player, chill and let the beat get you whilst waiting!

Doug said...

Hey! Where's my comment? I knew I didn't miss this one.

I think I said "I'm doing my part. Blogging is the best birth control EVER! As long as people are hooking up on my site, the fertility rate has to drop. The only bad part is Goa'uld will have fewer people to rule over."

neva said...

what doug failed to mention is that, for some of those kids, it's what happens *after* spending time on his blog that's contributing to this explosion in population! (last night was quite the sizzler!)

soo...makin' up for lost time, are we. TLP?? showing off that fancy-schmancy new computer? all i can say is


('cuz i miss you... i've mentioned that before, haven't i?) : D

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!

Anonymous said...

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