Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bad jokes

Radio Question of the Day:
77% of single men go a month or more without doing this. What is it?


Didcha see the movie A Prairie Home Companion? Do you listen to A Prairie Home Companion on PBS Radio? I love it. If you don’t listen to the radio show, then I’m afraid the movie probably isn’t for you—it might not make any sense to you. But if you like the radio show, you’ll like the movie.

It’s got everybody in it: Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Kevin Kline, Woody Harrelson, John C. Reilly, Tommy Lee Jones, Lindsay Lohan, and of course Garrison Keillor. Maya Rudolph and Virginia Madsen are also in it and they are very good. I’d never heard of either of them before.

Harrelson and Reilly steal the show as far as I’m concerned. Normally I’m not a Woody Harrelson fan, but he’s just right in this. John C. Reilly is a favorite of mine.

I especially liked their singing the song, “Bad Jokes.”
They sing: “Bad jokes, lord I love’em,
bad jokes, caint get enough of’em,
oooh ooh woo wee, Bad Jokes for me....”
Then they tell a corny joke and sing some more, puttin’ in corny, mostly off-color jokes as they go.

Jokes like:

“The blind man’s seein’-eye dog pissed on the blind man’s shoe.
The blind man said, ‘Here Rover, here’s a piece of beef for you.’
His wife said, ‘Don’t reward him, you can’t just let that pass,’
The blind man said, ‘I gotta find his mouth
so I can kick him in the ass.’”

Stupid, corny jokes. Bad jokes. Apparently, I can’t get enough of’em.

This one sure fits the bill:

One day, Jimmy Joe was walking down Main Street when he saw his best friend Bubba driving a brand new pickup truck.

Bubba pulled up to him with a wide grin as Jimmy Joe asked, "Bubba, where'd you get that new truck?!?"
Bubba answered, "My gal Bobby Sue gave it to me for a graduation present!"
Jimmy Joe replied, "I knew she was kinda sweet on you, but a new truck for graduation?!"
Bubba answered, "Well, Jimmy Joe, let me tell you what happened. Graduation night we were driving out on County Road 6, in the middle of nowhere. Bobby Sue pulled off the road, put the truck in 4-wheel drive and headed into the woods. She parked the truck, got out, threw off all of her clothes and said,
'Bubba, it's our graduation night! Take whatever you want!' So I took the truck!"
Jimmy Joe said, "Bubba, you're one smart man! Bobby Sue's clothes never would have fit you!" That Jimmy Joe.

Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:

Cleaning the bathroom.

Oh? And single men differ in this respect from married men, how?


Fred said...

The bathrooms are my job; I wish it were that high of a percentage for me. I think The Missus would do them, but she knows how anal I am, so she just waits until I can't stand it anymore. Smart woman.

I don't listen to the radio much since my commute is all of 10 minutes. So, I've never heard that show. The movie does sound good, though, it has a great line-up of talent.

kenju said...

I definitely plan to see that movie. I listen to Keillor as much as I can. Did you know he has a blog? or at least a place where he does an essay every week. Let me know if you want the link.

actonbell said...

Married men do it more often! No, not as often as Ekim, but more often.

I've helped enough single guys move to know that some of them NEVER clean their bathrooms. I always thought that that was one of the reasons why they were still single; meet the gal, bring her back, and the first time she's got to go, she's got to GO! Yuck, see ya later, bud.

I reallyreally wanna see that movie. Wonder when it comes out on video...

Minka said...

I wa sgoing with I wasnæt that far off.
they differ TLP...married men never have to clean the bathroom, ´cause after waiting for a month the woman will do it herself.

except FRED!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

A Prairie Home Companion is on Public Radio on Saturdays and is repeated on Sundays. It's Sooooooo much fun.

Well, Acton Bell, of course I knew that Ekim cleans, and so does 3D's Nod of course. Where did I go right with that? You were raised with ME doin' all the cleanin'.

Fred, good for you! Minka: don't marry a messy man. Too much work.

Judy: I have seen Garrison's site. You'll love the movie.

Peter said...

Don't get the show in Oz Lucy, but the music sounds good, liked Bubba's logic too.

Christine said...

I was going to say married men don't do it at ALL. At least in my two marriages but it appear there are some decent husbands out there. I tend to forget that.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Rats. I missed again. I guessed "Cutting their fingernails." And, "They let their belts out a notch after eating one of Barbie Sue's home-cooked meals."

Libby said...

tlp-LOVE the first joke!! i laffed my butt off!! (now i have to pick it up, & everything...)

lime said...

heck, mr. lime has gone 17 yearws without cleaning the bathroom! i assumed the aswer was laundry.

and LOL@ the blind man joke. that's too funny!

ariel said...

at leat single men clean the bathroom once a month, heh.

we don't have that show here, I'm sorry to miss Tommy Lee Jones. bad jokes are good. my brother and me like them. :)

The Lazy Iguana said...

Bathrooms need to be cleaned? I thought that was what the blue stuff you put in the toilet tank is for! So you do not have to mess with anything!

Janice said...

I've always enjoyed the radio show -- can't wait to see the movie. I couldn't believe the cast -- wonder how many of them were fans of the show??

The jokes are a hoot!

Doug said...

I love Prairie Home Companion, especiallly the annual jokes show. As a former Iowan, the Iowa jokes are a favorite.

Doug said...

By the way, I was pretty sure what the answer wasn't.

still life said...

What an amazing cast! I'm not familiar with the radio show (I'll try and remember to listen next Saturday) but the movie still sounds like a must see.

I guessed wash clothes...close!

neva said...

LOVE Prairie Home Companion! LOVE these stupid jokes (and stupid jokes in general). and LOVE having someone else clean my bathroom, 'cuz i HATE doing it, too! and, no. my husband does not do that. nor will my sons. still, i guessed "change the sheets".

can't wait to see the movie, as soon as i saw the cast i figured it would be great! thanks for the "preview"! xox

schnoodlepooh said...

I LOVE Prairie Home Companion on NPR. I would really like to see the movie, but will probably not see it until it's on DVD.

Rachel said...

LOL Funny jokes!!!

Kyahgirl said...

I'm not familiar with the Prairie Home Companion-sounds good.

Jon Cox said...

OOOOH, I thought dishes!

mireille said...

bad, bad, bad jokes. But you were right about Godot. xoxo

AP3 said...

Yeah, I liked the movie. I agree -- Harrelson and Reilly were great. Bad Jokes was a highlight for me, too.

Klondike Kate said...

Ya gotta love a good bad joke!

Keith said...

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the word "cleaning". Can you elaborate please?

Saur♥Kraut said...

*LOL* I'd take the truck too. Unless she was wearing Prada.

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit!