Thursday, June 15, 2006


Radio Question of the Day:

83% of women in Oklahoma say they can't live without this... What is it?


Didcha listen to “All Things Considered” on PBS tonight? They did a good story on Shoebox Greeting cards.

Cards that say things like, "You should call your mom on your birthday and have a nice long conversation about your life. Hurry up now, your birthday's not going to ruin itself."

And, “You'll always be my Dad. That's one thing the casinos can’t take away from me.”

I like this one: “Give a dad a fish and he will eat it. Teach a dad to fish and he will drink beer on the dock.”

Here's some samples of stuff that's funny, but not going to make the cut into a greeting card for sale:


Answer to the Radio Question of the day:

Hair Spray.
Nationwide only 31 percent say they need hair spray. Guess it’s a big-hair thing. Those gals.


Doug said...


I knew it would be hairspray. The afgan card cracked me up.

Kyahgirl said...

heh heh. TLP, the second one describes my 2 single brothers-in-law. Seriously.

I liked the Afghan one too.

Did you hear the joke about the old lady getting on the plane? She was really annoyed because they took away her knitting needles.
The airline was afraid she was going to knit an Afghan.

actonbell said...

Hairspray's good! Esp. when you work around fans.

Logophile said...

Hairsray is something I very rarely use, stage productions and bridesmaids stints, that just about does it for me.
I really want an afghan card, that is fun.
And I know the guy in that second card.

Lucy said...

i was going to say dollar stores.

dddragon said...

So, does this mean that Oklahoma is responsible for the hole in the ozone layer?

schnoodlepooh said...

Welcome back! And I love the greeting card lines! Too funny.

I probably only use hairspray about 10% of the time. Most of the time, my hair is a mess. No big hair here.

Jon Cox said...

Both of those greeting cards are hilarious!! :o)

AP3 said...

Those are great greeting cards! The real ones, and the fake ones.

Peter said...

“You'll always be my Dad. That's one thing the casinos can’t take away from me.”
Too funny... or... too true?

lime said...

wow, are there a lot of new jersey natives who have mooved to oklahoma?

Rachel said...

Cute TLP!! I always miss the radio question. I'd never made it on game shows I guess.

Christine said...

I was thinkin' black eye liner. sigh

still life said...

The Land of Aqua Net

actually, big hair is making a return this season (read it in WWD, so you know it's on the up and up) ;)

Kyahgirl said...

I heard that too Still life. We'll have to widen the doorways again!

Libby said...

cool! i loved my big hair in the 80's!!

Amara said...

great blog

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Rats, you got me again! I said "sex," then thought better of it and said "dust." And then I said "oil and Indians." I never get this right...Well, I did once, but who's keeping score?

neva said...

i loveloveloved the greeting cards... and, i hate to say it, but the 2nd "fake" card could be either of our 2 sons...sort of. (sigh)

as for the hairspray? oh lord... too funny!

happy weekend, dear TLP!! and thanks for another GREAT post/reason to laugh! xoxo

Fred said...

Remember Jevanking? For some reason, the bottom cartoon reminds me of him.

Love the afgan cartoon, I just about peed in my pants looking at that one.

Minka said...

Who conducts these surveys?

red-queen said...

June is birthday and anniversary month (6 in my immediate family), not to mention graduations and weddings, so I'm always shopping for greeting cards this time of year. And I've definitely noticed a trend toward the cruelly funny. I just gave my brother (43) a birthday card that depicted a guy in his car glimpsing the Grim Reaper in the rearview mirror. Open up and it says, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." He laughed, but only because we share a sick sense of humor like that.

I would so buy that Afghan card!

Mamacita said...

Loved the cards, and the t-shirt! Great!