Sunday, September 09, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

Okaaayyyy! Awrightie! Goldennib has thrown down a challenge scavenger hunt, and I'm playin'! I'm so very cool. You have to go over to her place to read the rules. I gotta get movin' here.

The first item is Angry Art:

I'm pretty sure this guy's name is Art, and he looks mad as hell to me. So. Angry Art.

Number two is Bald Bench.

Before Reds catcher Johnny Bench went bald, he was hot.

Number three is Creepy Caterpillar.

Creepy caterpillar is, like, totally redundant. All caterpillars are creepy.

Number four is dangerous dog.

This dog is Doug of Awaking Ambrose. Don't get between him and his big breakfast. Talk about danger! That dawg.

Number five is Excited elephant.

Whatdchaexpect? An elephant taking his Viagra pills? This is more exciting. Just admit it.

Next we have Funny Fender.

I think this fender with a guard is funny as all get out.

For the letter G, we do Golden Gesture.

I guess we told them! We're always screwing gesturing to someone.

Whew. Jeez. I'm only to Humble House.

Is this just so sweet or what?

On to Innocent Igloo.
What makes this so innocent is it's the married couple above. On their honeymoon. See? Innocent. Like totally. And, it was an igloo.

J is for Jumpy Jaguar.
So easy and so obvious and so not funny that you'd think I was getting tired or sumtin'.

Okay. What now? Oh, yeah. Kind Kitten. How hard can that be? Don't you wish you had a kitten that kind?

L is for Little Lion.
Ain't he cute? And I'm not lying.

Next we do Mean Melon.

Man, there ain't nothing meaner'n a cannibalistic melon!

Nine Noses? WTF? NINE???? I gotta take a break!
Okay. I'm back. Didchamissme?
Nine Noses:

Wow, we're all the way to Orange Opponent!

You know that they're opponents 'cause all the good teams are blue and white. I mean if God isn't a Penn State fan, then why is the sky blue and white?

Pointed pendant sounds cool. Maybe.
I believe this pendant has a point. I just don't know what it is.

Getting tired. You too?
Now, it's Q for Quartered Queen. Say what? This is Catherine of Aragon. She was quartered at Kimbolton, secluded from King Henry and her daughter, Mary, because ol' Henry couldn't manage to impregnate her with a healthy son. That Henry. See the elephant above for tips.

Awrightie. R is Red Road. I hope that's not too hard. Like Henry.
Red enough for me.

S is for Steamy salt. I have no ideas for that at all!This is an Epsom steamy salt bath. Would I lie?

T is for Terrible Theater. I wish that were difficult.

Directed by Ed Wood. I rest my case.

U is Unhappy Umbrella.
This umbrella is not unhappy because it's broken. It broke itself to avoid being seen over "W".

V is for Vulnerable Vampire.
See, Buffy is a vampire KILLER, so it's the vampire who's in trouble here.

My fingers are tired. So's my butt from sittin' here. But I'm too competitive to stop! So on to W is for Whimpy Walrus.
Ya call that a mustache? Pretty whimpy if you ask me.

X is for Xanthic Xebec. Had to look up both of these words. So I'm givin' ya the yellowest xebec I could find.

Gettin' close here. Y is for Yarling Yarn.
You can go here and read a yarn about her.

Done at last, done at last, thank gawd awmighty, I'm done at last!
Z is for Zesty Zimocca.

And if that zimocca isn't zesty, then I don't know my zimocca.

Oh. I actually don't know my zimocca. But google says that there's zimocca.


PI said...

Very well done! But my favourite is the igloo which is so sweet.

goldennib said...

TLP: You are most impressive and your choices are hysterical. Now, you will have to spend the rest of the month coming here to guess the prizes.

Boo said...

What is that thing hanging down in the Excited Elephant pic?? No...don't bother to answer that.

Zimocca looks a little like ginger also looks a little like moose antlers.

TLP said...

Thanks Pi.

Golden one, I'm no good at guessing. I give up.

Boo, ya know what that is? Elephants have 5 legs. On occasion.
Zimocca is a kind of sponge.

G said...

The rest of us never had a chance - nicely done! Now let me go back and read the rules a bit more.

TLP said...

Rules G? There were rules? Did I break any? Let me know.

Jocelyn said...

As I was enjoying the hell out of these, I started thinking, "Heavens, but that's a lot of work she's doing." Then you got to Jaguar, which you just threw out there, and I howled at your comment.

This is great.

neva said...

girl... you are awesome. and not just any ole "regular" awesome, but the awesomest awesome there ever was. having seen this, i am SO not going to try my own sorry hand at this game. that said, i will happily promote YOU and/or anyone else who participates. and, of course, the lovely-and-oh-so-challenging Nessa!

seriously, you did GOOD. ; )

PS: that elephant's second trunk looks to be about the right size: according to you-know-who (my sis) -- those things are around 6 feet long. not sure if that's 'erect', but that's kind of beside the point, isn't it? (yes, it is.) by the way, the mammal with the longest "trunk" is the blue whale. that is, if a 10 foot pole seems long to anyone. (yikes) ; )

KristieD said...

cute. i like W & the kitten. there's always fun stuff here. ;)

tsduff said...

Man Alive - that is the BEST combination of scavenger hunt pictures and words I've ever ever ever seen. I hope you know that you've completely squashed any aspirations I had of trying my hand at said task. So bravo TLP!

Doug said...

I have to admit that was brilliant and "golden gesture" was perfect.

No problem using my picture without asking. It means my adoption is apparently final. I think now that I'm found art, I've fulfilled my potential. Thank you.

Doug said...

And by the way, I swallowed the fork.

Minka said... Doug getting a Pez name? there could be opinion polls and everything...uh, where were we?

I came here ot check what Nessa has been applauding you for on her blog and since i signed up for this assignment I swooped over to see how it's done. So much easier than reading instructions:)

Loved your golden gesture and "see teh elephant above for tips had me in stitches". Now I better get started and come up with something if similar enjoyment.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wow! You is sensational, Sis. That's really a piece of Art. Or a zimocca. That might be arty, too. None of us know.

Tom & Icy said...

That was great! But I bet it was a lot of work. Fun.

lime said...

the elephant, the golden gesture and dubya were killin win. i don't care what anyone else does. you win.

Doug said...

I just had a moment to be grateful "excited" doesn't start with a d.

Libby said...

tlp, i NEED that kitten!! it looks like a baby truman-kitty!!

Jamie Dawn said...

This is SOME post!!!!
You get a gold star and an A+.
I knew a guy who received an F+ on his report card.
I've always thought that was hilarious.
Nice pic of Doug the Dawg about to devour his breakfast.
The couple in the outhouse... that's TOO close for comfort.

AP3 said...

Great job! Yes, A+!

Um, am I seeing what I THINK I'm seeing on that elephant picture? Ew!!!!

Rachel said...

Well done TLP!! Well done!!! I'll bet your butt was sore after that post!! teehee

TLP said...

Thanks for noticing the work Jocelyn!

I'd love to see an entry from you Neva. Make it all trunks.

Kristied, you're kind. Like the kitten.

Thanks Terry, but please play the game! There are PRIZES. (Come to the dark side. We have cookies.)

Didn't know about the fork Doug. And I never missed my souvenir spoons until you told me about swallowing them.

Monika, I think Doug should get his own pez. I'll work on it with his sisters.

Thanks Gene. Best brother I ever had.

Tom, you would know. You put so much work into your blog.

Thanks Lime! I don't know if I actually will win, but I was first any way.

Excitement is your middle name Doug. You just aren't very elephantile.

Libby, you want a cat? I'll get ya one.

J.D. Yeah, I couldn't do the two hole potty myself.

AP3, no that is not what you think you are seeing. Do you really, truly, really think that your sweet mother would post an elephant penis? That elephant has a trunk at each end. Don't act all a poor deformed creature.

Rachel my butt is sore thinkin' about how long it took me to gather those pix. (Yes, I do think out my a$$.)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You are The Best Sport Ever!!! How did you ever do this TLP??? It must have taken you days and days....! It is really fabulous. My very favorite? The Igloo! LOVED THAT!

Thanks for your visit my dear, and your lovely words, too....
I just posted a NEW post with some dear Bird Pictures! If you get a chance....!

kenju said...

I love the igloo and what you said about the umbrella!!

ariel said...

TLP, you are so much more fun than a dictionary!

We can vote "excited" to start with "d", can't we? Isn't it a democracy?

TLP said...

It took a couple of hours Naomi. Which is bad enough.

Thanks Judy.

Ariel I agree! Dexcited has Doug written all over it.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

Came here from House of Lime. My favourite shot is the bride and groom in the outhouse together!

And the Red Road shot looks like any dir track in the Aussie Outback.

Nice blog. Will be back



Saur♥Kraut said...

WOW! Hunting down all THAT took TIME! Whew! :D

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for coming by, my dear...I honestly don't know the name of most birds, like you, except the obvious! I only knew the Oriole because someone told me...LOL!

TLP said...

Welcome David. Any friend of Lime's is a friend of mine.

Saur! Nice to see you.

Naomi, I'm a bird-brain, but that seems to work in reverse on knowing bird names.

The OE said...

Ah the dog has been identified! Now we must lure him out of the junkyard.

TLP said...

Oh, he leaves the yard OE. He's a busy dog.

Cheesemeister said...

That's amazing! I don't think I could have done it in a million years.
Now I know where all the commenters have gone--they're here!

mjd said...

Hey, Tan Lucy Pez long time no see. I am glad that you did this. I am very impressed; you did a wonderful job on the scavanger hunt. I love each and everyone of your chioces.

mjd said...

Make that choices.

actonbell said...

I'm impressed. And glad there wasn't too much food involved, because I'm hungry but can't eat until we do the laundry :(

Zimocca? Lemme run that by the Scrabble dictionary. Don't tell Mike.

TLP said...

Hey Cheesy! You coulda done it. Easy.

MJD, I'll be right over!

Acton: Mum's the word from your mom.

Bela said...

You're so witty! Loved it. :-)

Adventures In Waitressing said...

This was fantastic. I really enjoyed reading it. Totally funny.