Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to my sweetie

Today is my husband Niks’ 79th birthday.

In 1928 the total U.S. population was 120,509,000. It’s now 301,139,947. That Niks. (But he claims it’s not his fault.)

The first Academy Awards ceremony wasn’t held until May 1929. Niks is older than the Oscars! The first best actor recipient was Emil Jannings, and it wasn’t just for one movie. They did things differently then. A popular movie was Wings. Never heard of it. Clara Bow and Gary Cooper were in it. Niks says he liked Tom Mix movies. He would.

Some things that happened in 1928:
Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillin.
Mickey Mouse appears in Steamboat Willie, the first sound cartoon. The first talkie had happened in 1927.
Eliot Ness begins to lead the prohibition unit in Chicago.
The first US air-conditioned office building opens in San Antonio.
Herbert Hoover (R) is elected president.
Mae West's NYC debut in a daring new play "Diamond Lil" That Mae. So daring.
Scotch tape is first marketed by 3-M Company.
Al Jolson’s Sonny Boy is the number one song for 12 weeks. Oh yuck!

You could buy a house with all the extras like gas, electric and water for under $5,000.
A loaf of bread cost about 9 cents, a gallon of milk 56 cents, a dozen eggs was 46 cents, and ice was sold in blocks rather than bags.

A textile mill worker made $13.00 a week, a waitress in a tourist resort made $4 per week. Typical house rent was $12 per month. Postage stamps were a penny. You could buy a Ford for $290 and get 5 gallons of gasoline for a buck. And you called it gasoline, not gas.

It was the jazz age and folks danced the Charleston. The Star Spangled Banner didn’t become the national anthem until 1931. So, Niks is older than even than that!

Sliced bread was born in Chillicothe, Missouri, on July 7, 1928.

The Lincoln Highway was the first road across America and wasn’t completely paved until the 1930s.

A newspaper ad looked like this:

Here's a Sears Roebuck catalog entry from 1928:

Boy! Niks is older’n dirt! I have no idea what dirt used to cost. But I bet it was less than now.

He denies all knowledge of those bloomers too. That guy.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Everytime someone mentions Herbert Hoover, I think of what Stoopnagle (or maybe Spooner) called him:

Hoobert Heever. Classic.

Say high to the old man for me. I likewise am trying to make it to 79 (and then, of course, I will want more...).

actonbell said...

I hope Dad gets to see the Michigan game tomorrow:) Happy Birthday to Dad!!
That's amazing, about air conditioning and sliced bread.

Libby said...

happy birthday, poppa pez!!
and, tlp, i'm sure he's happy that you pointed out the many things that he's older than! lol!!

jan said...

Happy birthday.

The antique bathtub, stove, etc. probably cost many times more now in an antiques store than then.Whenever I do research in old newspaper archives, I spend hours looking at the ads.

ariel said...

Happy Birthday, Nick! That was a good job with the population.

Air-conditioner in 1928? Oh my.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Happy Birthday to Nik.

What a great blog for a first time reader. LOVED it.

Thanks for stopping by mine as well.

Jamie Dawn said...

I bet he tore bloomers pages out of catalogues and stared at them for hours. So LEWD!!
He probably liked Mae West too. So LEWD!!
A fully loaded house for $5000??!! That just makes me cry!!
Niks and my dad share the same birthday!!
Two wonderful guys were born on 9-22.
I wish your sweetie a terrific day. I hope you spoil him thoroughly.
Happy Birthday, Niks!!!!!
I think TLP should model some bloomers for you for your birthday present. She should also memorize some rather racy Mae West quotes to say as she is modeling the bloomers. :-)

Bela said...

Happy Birthday, Nicks! 1928 - what a great year! :-)

lime said...

happy birthday niks! hope it is a wonderful day in every way.

TLP said...

Thanks to everyone for the wishes to the birthday boy. I read them to him. He just loves attention.

PI said...

Happy Birthday to Niks. I feel specially warm towards him because he is actually older than me - unlike your bro. I remember those awful celanese bloomers - Gran use to wear them and awful pink lace corsets. Real passion killers. And even I - skinny as laith - used to wear a roll- on which impeded my progress.
A happy healthy year to the birthday boy. Mine has his 80th in November and is still lovely.

Nessa / Goldennib said...

Happy Birthday, Niks.

How did the population ever increase with bloomers like that?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh a Very Very Happy Birthday to your dear dear Niks....And yes! Very wonderful people were born in September....(My dear sister Robin was born on September 26th...she would have turned 83 in a few days....)

I love all the interesting facts about 1928...And those adds are priceless! (LOL)

I believe "WINGS" was produced by Howard Hughes...(maybe even directed by him, too...) His first foray into film making...But not his last! I need to check that out to make sure I am right.

I hope Niks is haveing a Super Special Birthday today, my dear...Hugs To Him and to YOU, too!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh dear. I just looked it up and I am TOTALLY WRONG about Howard Hughes! It was "HELL'S ANGELS" 1930.....So, I apologize, my dear TLP. I knew it was a film to do with flying and!

And thanks so much for your sweet and understanding commemt on my brothers birthday post...!

mjd said...

Happy Birthday to Niks. You have included some fascinating facts. Life sure has changed in the last 79 years. I cannot imagine a world without Scotch tape, what a wonderful invention.

kenju said...


You were born in a fascinating year!

ariel said...

This was the most interesting birthday post I've ever read. I almost feel home in 1928. Summers were hotter, and winters were longer back then, right?

Hope Niks enjoyed his birthday as much as I did. (I didn't have cake, though!)

Doug said...

Happy birthday to Niks! Get him a belly dancer!

tsduff said...

Hope Niks had a great bday. Great post TLP - you know where to find all the scoop. But, those bloomers are scary!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Well hell. I missed the party. I forgot about it.

Niks is also older than "under God" which was added to the pledge in the 40s. Or 50s. Eisenhower did it. I do not remember him, but Niks probably does.

Diesel said...

I discovered penicillin in my fridge in 1994.

Happy b-day, Niks! Take all the Social Security you want. We don't need it.

neva said...

Niks may claim that population explosion isn't his fault, but i'm thinkin' he had a little something to do with it. that Niks.

as usual, i'm late to this party -- and all the worse for having missed a chance to wish your wonderful husband a happy happy day in a timely fashion. ah well, better late than never. (at least i hope that's how it works).

Happy Happy Joy Joy to a man who's clearly brought enormous amounts of Happy Happy Joy Joy into the life of someone who gives all that and more to everyone lucky enough to know her! (in my head, not only does this make sense, it's a lovely compliment) ; ) xox

edina monsoon said...

A very happy birthday to your husband. As usualy I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing:))

Minka said...

Happy belated birthday to NIKS. He's been around the block, once or twice, huh?!

Loved the dashing under garments, quite different from our modern shoe-string type varient!