Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk..Didcha miss me?

Neva has pointed out that I'm due to post since I'm back from my recent trip, so here I am boring you again. That Neva. Don't blame me.

Okay. First we went to Luray Caverns. Beautiful place.

This lake inside the caverns is so clear that it's like a mirror.

Here's a picture I took of husband Niks:

Here's a picture he took of me there:

That guy. Not the most talented cameraman.

On the road to somewhere, I spotted this coffee pot building and stopped in the middle of the road to take a picture of it. Just for you guys.

I am just plain ol' sweet is what I am. In the pix you can't really see the handle on the right hand side 'cause I am not the most talented camerawoman.

We spent three nights in Charlotte, NC, where I did not take any pictures. You guys are so lucky. There Niks was visiting the UNC-C library to read his father's papers that are in their archives.

We went to the college where Nik's dad was president. I took this picture of Niks with his dad's portrait which is in the Admin Bldg. Even though his father is about 37 in the portrait, and Niks is now almost 79, I think I see the resemblance.

I'll spare you more NC stuff and go on to Williamsburg, VA.

This babe was our tour guide for the Governor's Palace. She really did know her stuff. Good tour. Ain't she cute? We toured the Capitol Building there as well. I failed to get a picture of the handsome guy who gave that tour.

There were several fife and drum group parades. I truly did enjoy those.

These guys are just warmin' up.

At some point on the trip we were on the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I refuse to worry about the order of this stuff. My shit's old, so I don't hafta.

There's a guy down there drawing stuff. So I immortalized him on film. I am so swell. I amaze my own sweet self.


LZ Blogger said...

Lokks like Niks needs a quick photography class from you. Looks like a fun place! ~ jb///

neva said...

i think Niks looks fab surrounded by all that warm/fuzzy lighting. so glad you clarified the Williamsburg pic, tho'. for a second there i thought Niks was posing in his best colonial garb. that Niks...

hope you'll tell us about the papers some day -- i really am interested. also, i agree, you can definitely see a resemblance in young FIL and less-young Niks.

SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! in case you couldn't tell, i missed you. pretty sure i'm not the only one who did. ; ) xox

actonbell said...

Hey, that's a TEApot, isn't it? Too bad it was closed!

Great pics! I'm envious that you hit upon a drum and fife parade--no fair.
Luray looks really beautiful, too.

Great report:)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

"My shit's old...so I immoralized him." See how this works? You just need some editing so nobody knows what the hell you're saying.

Rachel said...

What a nice trip you had! Love the coffeepot house! I enlarged the pic and I could see the handle! Folks do think of the darndest things to build! I think I see the resemblance in the photos of Nik's and his Dad as well. My DIL and SIL live in Charlotte!

Too bad Nik's cut most of your head off in the photo of you! Otherwise you look really lovely.

Love, love, love the picture from the parkway. That is some awesome view and I don't blame the guy for painting it. Beautiful!

Libby said...

tlp-i LOVE these pictures!we used to go on vacations down there a lot when i was a kid!
...and, dear tlp...'I failed to get a picture of the handsome guy who gave that tour.'
Hmmmpphh...all would've been forgiven, ya know?

Peter said...

C'mon Lucy, fess up... you took that picture of yourself that didn't work out very well didn't ya... I've got heaps of them with my arm outstretched like that.
Great report on the trip, missed ya.

mireille said...

Let's see. Nice neck, the resemblance is strongest around the nose, and don't mess with the chick wearing yellow. She gets mean. glad you're back, sweety. xoxo

kenju said...

I know the perfect present for Niks - photography classes! You'll spare me the NC stuff? Why's that? It's just so beautiful you can't stand it?

Icy's Playground said...

Great post.
Hope you don't mind, but we morphed Niks and his dad on Icy's Playground.

The Lazy Iguana said...

The Blue Ridge Parkway is possibly the most beautiful road in America - and maybe the world.

Great photos.

TLP said...

LZ: Niks just canNOT get the hang of taking pix. But he does have Parkinson's Disease and his hands shake, so it's not all his fault. In this picture of me, I have given up on his getting a picture of me, and I'm reaching to take the camera back, so of course he finally presses the button!

Neva: The papers are pretty boring. There were over 500 pictures of Niks' family (interesting to me) and boxes and boxes of lectures, etc. I know I advertise this as a boring blog, but there's a limit, ya know?

Actonbell: Well, if you want it to be a TEApot, sweetie, then it is. (not)

Hoss: Thanks. So much.

Rachel: Thanks. You can see the handle that way. True.

Libby: He wasn't pretty, but he did look better than the goblin in yellow.

Peter: See reply to LZ. It was Niks.

Mireille: I didn't talk back to her! xxxoox

Kenju: NC was beautiful. But the library stuff was too boring to report.

Tom: Thanks for that. Niks and I love it!

Lazy I: It truly is a beautiful drive. I agree completely.

Doug said...

I really like the pic of Niks by his father's portrait.

TLP said...

Me too Doug.

AP3 said...

Great pictures! Yes, Niks needs some help taking photos. But then, let's be fair, TLP: You've taken a few pictures of me with my head cut off over the years. Just sayin'. If you were a truly talented photographer, you'd cut off my ass. Good luck with that.

Love the piture of the "babe". And the picture of Niks with the portrait is great.

TLP said...

Oh, yeah, bring that up AP3. Anyway, I was trying to get a picture of your OUTFIT in those headless pictures. Honest.

Christine said...

I remember our vacation to WIlliamsburg.."our" meaning Stinky CHeese Man, Jimmy, Anna and I. Anna was a baby, John dropped a full bottle of milk on my toe, broke it in three places and I spend the next day hobbling around wanting to beat him to death with a butter churn. Good Times.

PI said...

A jolly interesting post and pics. I wonder if you could go in a boat on the lake. It looks enchanting.

goldennib said...

I see the man drawing. He's drawing stick figure deer. Neat.

Doug said...

How exactly do you immoralize an artist? I mean, I know your kids read this blog but I'm curious.

TLP said...

Immortalized, immortalized, you bad dog you. Okay. I'm over it now. I could climb down there and take advantage of him and immoralize him that way.

TLP said...

Chris: I thought I smelled somethin' pretty awful there! John has lasting ordor.

Pi: the lake is very shallow. But it looks as if it is very deep.

Goldennib: Yeah, you hafta enlarge it to see the stickdeer. Thanks for taking the time.

Bela said...

Wonderful pics, TLP! I am claustrophobic so I'd never dare to go into a cavern myself and therefore I appreciate it greatly when someone else does and brings back lovely photos.

I also love the tour guide: she looks so authentic. :-)

TLP said...

Bela! I can't imagine that YOU are afraid of anything!

lime said...

oooh fun stuff! i love the coffee pot house, thank you for stopping in the road to take it and i am glad you didn't get run over.

are you sure that tour guide was female? looks like a guy in drag...