Saturday, October 28, 2006

But I don't wanna!

Radio Question of the day:

Coffee is the world's most recognized scent. What is second?

I like Daylight Savings Time. I don't wanna change back. But do they ask for my opinion? Noooooo.

It's not just every freakin' clock in the house, it's the clocks in the cars too. I hate that.

Answer to the radio question of the day:

Peanut butter. Oh, right. I believe that.


actonbell said...

A threesome, LOL!
Yeah, it's a pain to change all those clocks. I don't bother with my car clock--I'm a rebel. And lazy. just gave me an excellent idea...

AP3 said...

PEANUT BUTTER? No, I don't believe that.

Yeah, daylight savings time is a pain. But, it does add an hour to my b-day weekend!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I hate changing clocks. Why should we do this? Are you a farmer? And why can't those lazy farmers just wake up 1 hour early? would it kill them?

I propose that NOBODY change their clocks. Show up to work on Monday at the usual time.

Actually, scratch that. This is the time we turn the clocks BACK! I am in favor of this. It is springing forward that gets to me. So lets all not do that!

As for the "peanut butter" thing....I am not buying it. If I were to open a jar of peanut better in an elevator, people would say "is that peanut butter? I think it is, but maybe I am wrong."

However, if I were to fart - there would be no questioning what the stench was.

Peter said...

Great cartoon Lucy, the Monks really had a case against daylight saving.

Logophile said...

Im with the lazy lizard on this one, it's the setting clocks ahead I don't like.
An extra hour of sleep?
I'll TAKE that!
I am rather picky about the setting of the clocks, so it is a pain in the rear. I have a clock that is radio signal controlled from the atomic clock in Boulder, CO, and I want all the clocks to match exactly. Its one of the very few things I am picky about, so Mr. Logo humors me. Then his car, his watch, and his nightstand clock are about 5 minutes fast.

Canadian Dude said...

I would have guessed cinnamon. Now I better start changing those clocks.

Saur♥Kraut said...

HA! I agree... peanut butter would not be first on my guess list.

Margaret said...

I too am surprized by the peanut butter answer.Guess those Druids wouldn't have wanted to change their time back would they?
Cheers Margaret

mireille said...

You know what really smells foul? Wet peanut butter, like when you are being eco-conscious and wash out the jar before you recycle it. Stinks. Oddly, there is a perfume that smells like peanut butter (I think) and people voluntarily wear it. Can't remember the name, which is good because now the perfumer won't sue me. xoxo

neva said...

peanut butter? that can't be right. what the heck does peanut butter even smell like that makes it so memorable? i just learned that Pepper was the world's favorite spice (thanks Logo)... i say *that's* the answer to your question, too. now call up those radio guys and give 'em the ol' "what for". peanut butter?? hmmff.

as for the time change? love this one... HATE the one in spring. of course, didn't congress pass something last year that will extend Daylight Savings NEXT year? why yes, i believe they did. apparently it's not enough for *them* to be in confusion Hell, now they want to drag us all in, after 'em. that congress. xox

neva said...

oh, and that picture with the dogs is perfect... that's exactly what i thought the answer was, too. (not sure what that says about either of us, but there you go...) xox

Sar said...

So you think the dogs are representing coffee or peanut butter? I picture the dogs thinking, Oh you can't fool me, mister decaf.

And thanks for the reminder about the car clocks (ugh).

audible said...

I have lived without day light savings time. I admit that it's nice to never have to remember to change your clocks. However, it's a bigger pain trying to calculate seven times zones and remember if it's day light savings when calling back home. That and having the sun rise at 3 am in the summer was not high on this night owl's list.