Monday, October 09, 2006

Back on line at last

I’ve been gone so long, I’m gonna give you three Radio Questions of the day:

Question one:
On average, 80 people take a shot at these each year. What the heck is it?

Question two:
Most everyone enjoys these, but 21% of us refuse to eat them. What are they?

Question three:
The Number-One lunch meat for kids in the U.S. is bologna. What is the Number-One lunch meat in Japan?

I missed being on line so badly that I’m seriously worried about myself. How did I ever live without the internet? I'm not a well person.

How does that game go? You make signs with your hands somehow. Let's see now, email beats fax, fax beats paper, and paper beats smoke signals. Something like that? The internet beats everything.


Answer to question one:
The Goodyear Blimps. Those hunters. Some of y’all must need glasses.

Answer to Question two:
Fortune cookies. Can I have yours? I like’m.

Answer to question three:
Whale meat. You can have mine. See how sweet I am?


Peter said...

Hi Lucy, zip for three on the radio questions!!
Keep postin' we miss ya.

KristieD said...

i didnt get any of the questions right either. Does this mean that your computer troubles have been fixed? i hope so..i know i have trouble living without my internet too!!

Logophile said...

The return of the Lucy!
I completely understand what you mean about missing the internet, I get the DTs and everything, its terrible.
Glad you're back and I didn't guess a single one of those right.
Whale meat? eeeeeeoooow
Good thing Balognas are not protected animals, huh?

Monique said...

I hear you about missing the Internet! Funny thing though, is that I was on vacation with my family last week -- a cruise, so the laptop stayed firmly at home. I didn't miss it a bit while I was gone, but checking email was the FIRST thing I did when I got home.

neva said...

missedyoumeanit!! as for your questions? missed them, too! (actually, i thought maybe the answer to #3 was Beluga. which would have been funny. not as funny as whale meat, mind you, but still...)

let's hope your PC problems are behind you in a *good* way! (as opposed to being a pain-in-the-ass). xox

lime said...

whale meat??? eewwwww.... i'll swap the whale baloney for the fortune cookies. glad to have youback lucy, now stay a while ok?

The Lazy Iguana said...

I would probaly order up a whale burger if I am ever in Japan.

You know, when in Rome do as the Romans do!

Do not ask what I might do in Amsterdam.

Doug said...

Welcome home, TLP. OK, I'm not so well either.

Whale meat should be sacred.