Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Update

Weekend update: Saturday was beautiful. Niks and I went to the church to put yard sale inserts into the order of service, and to pick up the clothing that had been donated for the women who are living in the halfway house the church has "adopted." Boy! A lot of clothing and also household goods were there. Our bigger car was loaded -- the trunk and the back seat were full.

It is unbelievable, but women are released from prison with just the clothes on their backs. No bra or real shoes unless they have been sent those things by friends or family. They have only the underpants that they have on their backside at the time. Most of these women don't have someone who cares enough about them to help. Sometimes that's for a good reason: they have used and disappointed their peeps over and over again. Still, we have to give them another chance. When we took the stuff to the halfway house, one woman who helped carry it inside was in prison sandals. She also had no bra, and trust me, for her a bra is NOT a luxury. She is very heavy. I'm raising money at church for underwear for the new releases, and have gotten about $150 so far. We were able to let the latest parolee shop for underwear recently, and have enough for the next few who will be released from jail soon.

After that, the SO and I went to lunch, and then home for a brief nap. In the evening we went to the Jazz Fest at the school. It was very enjoyable. Both Kiddie A and B had solos. I love it. They were good, and also looked pretty. We enjoyed visiting with dddragon too.

Sunday was another lovely day. I taught church school at the early service. Niks went to his book group in the evening and I caught up on paper work.

This morning I walked with my friend as usual. These days we are walking outside. Heaven. Looks as if it will be yet another beautiful day, although cool. Posted by Hello


AP3 said...

Another Good Do-Bee badge for you!!

actonbell said...

You have such a fulfilled life! Yes, this is beautiful weather, too! You're a saint--thank you for taking in our mail, btw, I forgot to stop it...