Thursday, April 21, 2005

My bleeding heart, or whatever

The vampire called, so I gave blood on Tuesday. Today dddragon tried to donate and got rejected. Sad news. Aral is a permanent reject because of living abroad for 3 years. I have to bleed for the family. No problem. I'm up to it. Posted by Hello


dddragon said...

You must have the iron that I'm missing. Give it back.

The nurse was very nice and acknowledged that I've given more than most do. I have given over 4 gallons, and would like to give more. She said that maybe I should just wait until the fall. Hopefully it'll get better when I hit menopause.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

You were anemic when you were four years old. You've had trouble with that off and on for a long time. Your Grandmother was anemic most of her 91 years. I think it's just fate.

AP3 said...

Namron is a perma-reject, too, of course... so is Me, because she had radiation treatment (thyroid cancer). Oh well! They're missing out on some yummy blood.