Saturday, April 16, 2005

The News From Lake Woebegone...CH version

We had an exciting morning! I was in my pajamas (at 11:25 AM) and so was Niks. We laze around on Saturday mornings. Well, Niks is usually still in his pajamas at noon, but I get up at 6 AM on weekdays to walk, and we both get up early on Sunday for church.

Back to my story: Still in my pj's, talking on the phone to Aral, when I heard a big noise, BANG! I thought it was a car backfiring. I casually looked out the kitchen window, and saw our Chevy moving sideways. It was parked on the side driveway, in its usual spot, minding its on business. So it should not have been moving.

I said a quick goodbye to Aral, and ran to the door and looked out. TWO cars were in our yard, a good 50 feet from the By-Pass. They were sideways to the big street, and almost parallel to our front street. They had taken out two trees, and hit our Chevy. WOW. It was quite a sight! I really liked that holly tree. *Sigh*. The Chevy will have to be towed, but the insurance company said to wait until they can come look at it.

One car (Toyota) was driven by a young woman, who is a single mom. She had her eight-month old baby girl in the back seat, in an excellent baby car seat. The baby was not hurt, or even upset. What a good baby. Cute. Nice young woman.

The other car (Buick Wagonmaster) was driven by the husband of Nivek's third-grade teacher. Mr.B. is 85 years old. He was very confused. He was definitely at fault, but truly does not believe that is the case. He lives on the 100 block of our street, just across from the elementary school where Nivek, Lyrahs, Aral, kiddie A, and kiddie B all went to school.

I felt sorry for all of them. I invited everyone in. The patrolman was very nice, and tried hard to be patient with Mr. B, but everyone, except me, was getting very frustrated, even annoyed with him. He should not be driving, that's for sure. He's getting senile.

The young woman's mother drove 45 minutes to pick her up and I entertained them until she got here. I had to talk the mother/grandmother here on her cell phone since she was not familiar with the area at all. They thanked me over and over again when they left, but truly I didn't do anything at all except try to comfort everyone. I hugged Mr. B when the cop drove him home, and I hugged the woman and her mother too. Actually they reached to hug me first.

Both the Toyota and the Buick had to be towed away. There was such a mob scene here! Police, fire trucks, ambulances, two tow trucks, all the neighbors, etc., I coulda, shoulda, had a block party. Missed my big chance. Got a nice chance to visit with the neighbors though. Talked to lots of them while we were waiting for the cops to finish up with the photos, etc.

It's a bright, sunny, beautiful day. I'm glad so many people came to see our lovely cherry tree. Nice. Posted by Hello


AP3 said...

Wow, your cherry tree must be REALLY beautiful for everyone to go to all that fuss over it! :-P

Thank goodness everyone is okay.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

You betcha! That tree is worth seeing. In fact, now that I think on it, both drivers were probably distracted by the loviness of the tree. Probably caused the whole mess.

dddragon said...


And I missed the whole thing.

Remember the Omega?

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Oh yeah! I was telling the mayor's wife about the Omega. The whole neighborhood was there!

actonbell said...

Geez, I miss one day of blogs, and see what happens!! Wow!