Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Springtime Fun

Niks and I are trying to plan our trip to Maine and Vermont. There are three states (in the lower 48) that we have not seen: Maine, Vermont, and North Dakota. (I think I may very well die saying, "There's one state I haven't been to, North Dakota." That's because I really don't care if I ever see ND."

So, I've been to AAA and picked up maps and books, etc. Now I'm searching on-line for information. It's hard to pick places to stay. I want NOT to move each night. I want one place in Maine, and one place in Vermont, and then do day trips from these sites. I'm really looking forward to this trip. It should be much easier on me than the last trip of 8,000 miles. I don't mind driving, but carrying bags in and out of hotels every couple of days got old.  Posted by Hello


AP3 said...

Maine and Vermont are great places to be in the summer. You're going to have a great time! If you're in the mood for a beach, Ogunquit, Maine is very nice.

actonbell said...

Good luck with the planning! Sounds wonderful.

dddragon said...

Well, the interior of Maine is alot of the same and not nearly as interesting as the coast.

Having said that, because the coast has so many penisulas, it can take a long time to drive to places. There is a famous lighthouse in that area known as the Nubble Light or Cape Neddick.

You'd probably enjoy the LL Bean factory stores in Ellsworth and Freeport.

Also, I think that Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island would be good.

Kennebunkport (where the Bushes have a place) is a good stop.

There's a river-boat-tour (not like a paddlewheel) that would show you some lighthouses, but also go up to a Navy ship building yard. Darn if I can remember where it is, have to ask the SO.

It will be chilly along the coast. especially the further north you are - I ended up buying sweatshirts in August!