Sunday, March 06, 2005

In spite of still coughing and being sick, I went to church (like a good girl should) and taught Church School. Then I went to the grocery store. Well, what do you know? They have chocolate easter eggs out. We all know that I LOVE chocolate. REALLY love chocolate. REALLY, REALLY love all things chocolate. So I bought three of them. They were calling my name! They were on sale 3 for 99 cents. Well, the best way for one to cover up the fact that one took advantage of this sale is to quickly eat ALL THREE eggs. That's obvious. I'm no dummy. So, naturally I ate all three of the eggs right away.
Now I need a nap. I wonder why I'm fat? Does anyone know?
BTW, I said that they were calling my name. I never said that they could spell. Posted by Hello


AP3 said...

Good thinkin'! Besides, it was a 3 for 99 cents sale -- that means, clearly, that 3 eggs = 1 serving.

actonbell said...

hahahahhaha. Great picture! And it sounds like you had a wonderful day:)