Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Eat up

Radio Question of the Day:

Of all the food in the grocery store, this is the most profitable. What is it?


I spent well over an hour at the market yesterday. I had two carts full of stuff, and saved a little over $40 using coupons. I hate coupons, but they do save bucks.

I was so pleased with myself that I went shopping and bought my next birthday present which will be from my husband, and also the Christmas gift that he will be giving me. I haven't mentioned it yet 'cause I figure one of us should be surprised on my birthday and Christmas. Niks has given me some awful shit for presents. That Niks. He likes to buy me clothes. Gag me with a spoon. Choke me with a bent fork. We're talkin' some seriously fugly stuff.
Just sayin'.


Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:

Dog food.
What? Are dogs the other red meat?

People shouldn't think of dogs as food. Although I guess a puppy is a sort of baby food. Mmmmmm....have to think about it.


Peter said...

Happy Birthday 'n Merry Christmas Lucy.

lime said...

LOL, niks must be related to mr lime. mr lime has also given me some truly hideous clothing. that is when he went out and BOUGHT clothing. lots of times he just offers me his hand me downs....dear lord have mercy.

happy birthday lucy!

actonbell said...

hehehe, that's funny,as are your pictures. I hope that child didn't harm that pup, btw. That radio question is sort of cheating! Does it mean that there's a big mark-up on dog food, or are dogs really eating that much? Hmmm. People food is spread out all over the market, too.

Rachel said...

I can believe that radio question! Cat food would also be I would think.

Smart of you to take matters in your own hands with the Birthday and Christmas gifts!! It's so much better to get things we WANT and things we LIKE!!

Poor puppy in that picture.

Doug said...

I hope that baby Rottweiler chews off the little girl's tongue. Now that's profitable!

I've learned not to give women clothes as gifts, unless its right after she's been a bridesmaid.

Libby said...

...tlp-ask for GIFT CARDS!!

Christine said...

I was buying bones for the smelly furballs my kids call pets. They were almost five bucks a piece. Went to the meat section and got 10 neckbones for 3.75. Mutts eat better and I am not paying 5 bucks for cornmeal with bug meat. Everyone's happy. (Except Publix but they get enough of of me in Captain Crunch and Ho Hos)

The Lazy Iguana said...

Dog food huh? Boy was I wrong. I was thinking this was a trick question! Supermarkets sell all manners of crap that is not food.

I was going to guess "cat litter" or "beer".

kenju said...

I was going to guess breakfast cereals and it never dawned on me that animal food was that profitable. Pooh!

Bela said...

I always ask for gift vouchers these days: I'm fed up with getting stuff I don't want/need. I also object to presents being a kind of test: 'if you loved me the way you say you do, you'd know what I want for my birthday...', etc. Hate that.

Cute pic! :-)

Paul said...

Too funny!!! But normal.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I NEVER thought of dogs as food. But babies know best.

I missed the question again, Sis. I guessed Double Bubble.

Fred said...

And I guess cat food would be #2?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL..These two pictures are hilarious! I love that doggie trying to bite of a piece of that bench...! HA HA HA...And the baby with the baby....Lord...Did that little cutie survive that attempt at eating??

Love your description of Niks presents for you...I just love yoyr sense of humor Lucy...! It's too long since I've been here! So glad I stopped by today, my dear.

An Adventurer said...

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Last but not least, Happy Birthday! (a little late but still here!)



AP3 said...

Those pictures are great!

It's always best to buy one's own presents.