Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ding Dong the witch is gone!

We have defeated the ugly Santorum in PA! Most excellent!!!!
He has said that if gay marriage is okay, then of course people can marry their dogs, etc.

And apparently, there's something to that:


lime said...

LMAO @ that picture!!!!! i expected santorum to be defeated but even i was stunned by the margin. i mean wow!

actonbell said...

hahahahaha, that's good. There are so many wonderful pictures of Bush. I wonder why.

Peter said...

That is a wicked picture of Dubya Lucy, aren't you ashamed of posting it? Nah I didn't think so.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Why does the dog look just a little nervous?

I need to run for President. I would have a large assortment of strange critters running all over the White House and Air Force One. Being from Florida and all, there would be the alligators in the moat I would have dug around the White House (to keep lobbyists away). Being from Miami, there would be the Banana Spiders, just because.There would be snakes and monitor lizards and tegus and stuff. And probably an assortment of cats. Big cats. Maybe Florida panthers?

It would be cool. The alligator moat would be my legacy!

Libby said...

i'd vote for ANYONE, as long as rumsfeld isn't their legacy...he's the one i'm singing this song about!

kenju said...


Doug said...

TLP, if you've ever seen the movie Shakes, the Clown one of the best lines in cinema is when the clown with the TV program is kissing his little dog for the camera and barfly, the drunk and sad clown says "As soon as that camera is off, he gonna f*** that little dog."

You probably had to be there, but it cracks me a decade later.

OK, never mind. Have a nice day.

neva said...

i've never seen that movie either, Doug, but YOU relating that line cracks *me* up! (actually, maybe i've seen it...doesn't matter... still laughing at you)

wooooooohoooooo! i could hear you guys in PA cheering all the way up here in CT! well done!

ps...Maxine's contention that the best bra is a sweatshirt? *totally* agree. xoxox