Friday, October 01, 2010

October rain

Well, I dunno where September went, but it's time to say Rabbit Rabbit again, 'cause it's OCTOBER!

I like October. Nice month.

It's been raining so hard here today that I don't know how the little animals are staying dry. Probably they're not.
You. Will. Pay.
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Here's to a great month for us all!


Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Our bunnies are soaked, too.

I like October. Halloween soon.

actonbell said...

Nessa's up early today!

Now, why would you bathe a bunny? But they are so tolerant. I almost remarked about that on my blog. I mean, if you dressed up a cat OR gave a cat a bubble bath, you'd find out what sinister really meant.

Rabbit, rabbit! I like October, too.

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit! We had a thunder storm here last night. 99% lightning and 1% sprinkle. You can imagine what my rabbit pic would look like.

kenju said...

Rabbit, rabbit, TLP. I hope you've been well.

Ariel the Thief said...

Tibbar tibbar!

My first thought was the same as Actonbell's, why would anyone bathe a bunny? But where I grew up they were more food than pet. :-P

Libby said...

...well, maybe the bunny had some serious body odor? tee hee!
rabbit rabbit again!

Pat said...

White Rabbit! Better late than never but we have stuff happening here.

tsduff said...

okay, mucho late on the rabbit rabbit comment. But it IS a good picture. Did you use Dawn soap? It is best for oiled bunnies.

Libby said...

hi, tlp! update on life here 10/23 on my blog

Libby said...

hey tlp, today's entry is lol funny if you get a chance! 10/30