Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Almost fall

This is my bunny for September. Well, okay, I stole it from LOLcats of course. But still. Get your own Rabbit Rabbit for September or you won't have any good luck at all.

I had quite a busy and mostly wonderful August. Had good times with my three daughters, and two granddaughters. I hope that September is as much fun as August was.

Remember to say Rabbit Rabbit on September first for good luck for the month.


Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit, rabbit, TLP!

tsduff said...

~Gently unhooks bunny from kitty's loving arms~ Rabbit Rabbit TLP! And happy Fall as well.

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Fall is mice.

actonbell said...

It's nice, too.

Libby said...

rabbit, rabbit!! thanks for the reminder today!! go see my bunny, tlp, you will love him, & he's real!!

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit. I would never dream of touching your bunny.


karen a. said...


"I belong with you
Where ever you are I am too
forever friends we are"

Jim said...

Hey TLP, thanks for _______ (I don't know what) about the nuts. I posted the comment late because I knew mine was full of holes. But you got me good! :)

I am also happy about it because I have never been to visit your blog. It is a nice one. I like your montly post idea. I may come to that when I retire a little more. Or on the Ask Dr. Jim (blog) it would work better than what I have now.