Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Inappropriate Card Day

Diesel reminded me that it's Inappropriate Card Day. Unless it's your birthday, this is an inappropriate card. Of course, it's rude in any case. In my family, if someone ask where something "was at," we always replied, "behind the 'a' and in front of the 't'.

This above is inappropriate on any day. So I guess it can't be an inappropriate card.

Below is one that I could send you, unless you're on a diet.



Cheesemeister said...

Banana Man is a very popular dancer at the Happy Wiener. He doesn't see why anyone would consider his promotional snapshot inappropriate!

Doug said...

I love the first one. I'm not posting until tomorrow so ere's an inappropriate hallmark sentiment:

I was thinking of you,
Dear special friend,
And the shortness time,
The fall of your rear-end,
I hope all is well
With you and kin,
That you're well in your lives
And burn for your sin.

Nessa said...

A bunch of bananas is better than a bunch of coconuts (I have no idea what that means, so it's inappropriate.)

kenju said...

When I was young, if I asked a question with a preposition at the end, my mom would be mad. Her answer to that one would have been:

"right before the at"

Libby said...

happy inappropriate card day back atcha tlp!!

PI said...

Oh I did appreciate the seal one. I got a Mother's Day card today from my step-daughter. Whether or not - it gave me a warm glow.

Jamie Dawn said...

That banana one is my favorite. An inappropriately placed banana on that guy's outfit could have turned the card into something even MORE interesting!

tsduff said...

Seal card wins.

Next is Dougs ditty.

actonbell said...

Yep, the banana outfit is wonderful, I love it:)
A belated happy inappropriate day to you!