Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snow starved

Radio Question of the Day:

It's a high-end ticket item. There are stores that specialize in selling only these. And yet Wal-Mart sells more than any other store. What is it?


We're being snow-starved this winter. Poo. A really weak "system" brought us a whopping one-tenth of an ich on January 22. That was just enough to preserve the record for the season's latest-date measurable snowfall. The old record managed to survive by just one day. It was set on January 23, 1890. I have to say that this 1/10 of an inch was not measured at my house. Naturally it was measured at the airport. We sure didn't get as much as a tenth of an inch *here.
Sad. Just pitiful.

The next possible record in jeopardy is the record for the latest "one inch" of snow on record. The record for that was set on February 13, 1992.
Snow is so pretty. It's so clean. It's so white.


Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:

Diamonds. Huh!

I didn't guess this one. In fact it's probably about the last thing I would have guessed. But then I don't shop for diamonds anywhere. Y'all go see Blood Diamond and maybe you'll give up diamonds too.

* (We don't live in the city of course. So maybe these records don't count for us.)


Christine said...

I may be a snob but buying a diamond at walmart? Not so much... I think Orlando set some kind of record yesterday with our 80 degree day. Yeah, because we don't get enough of the heat and humidity in the summer. Heading up your way tomorrow for the weekend and hoping to see some of that fluffy white stuff. I am counting on you TLP! Don't let me down.

neva said...

yeah -- i'm with ya on both counts. we need more snow. oh, maybe not 10 feet worth, but still, a nice thick blanet of the white stuff would go a long way towards "cleaning" up the landscape. and those diamonds? eh... i'm kind of a sapphire girl, myself. (i have no idea if they sell those at Wal-Mart, as well -- and no intention of finding out!) xox

Brian said...

So sorry I confuse you. I was hoping you could straighten us out. :)

Libby said...

...been forever since i got a diamond from ANYWHERE...even a bubblegum machine!

actonbell said...

Wow, I never would've known that they see diamonds at WalMart. Huh. I would've guessed plasma TV's, but I guess that goes against the exclusive-store clue.

Okay about the latest "one inch" record: that's not cumulative, right? Even if it is, it looks like we're not going to make it!

actonbell said...

(sell, not see)

lime said...

this has been the most pitiful excuse for a winter, i musy agree with you.

diamonsds? bah, i could care less....give me chocolate

Peter said...

Don't give up yet Lucy, we have had the mildest summer in Queensland for ages but it has at last come in VERY HOT.

Logophile said...

I prefer the amethyst myself, but I wouldn't buy one at Walmart. Hmmmm, what WOULD I prefer to buy at Walmart? hmmmmm

Rachel said...

You will probably have some snow before winter is over with!! Don't give up hope yet.

Loved the cartoon!!!

Anonymous said...

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red-queen said...

I'm with you, TLP - we need at least a little snow to make it winter. We saw flurries yesterday! Of course, it was 40 degrees so nothing stuck, but hey, those winds aloft were obviously trying!

After 20 years in Virginia, I'm used to mild winters. Most of the gloves, hats, scarves and down jackets with which we migrated here have long since fallen by the wayside. But we usually get at least ONE snowfall - or an ice storm. This year, nada. So sad.

xx keeping fingers crossed for you xx


The Lazy Iguana said...

Well you all keep your snow. That stuff has no business in South Florida. However, IF it will kill all the fire ants and mosquitoes once and for all, then I would be OK with a hard freeze that turns the Everglades into a large block of ice. And freezes the ground so as to kill the pesky exotic ants. And maybe take out the killer bees too? That would be nice.

Otherwise - snow has no business here.

Diamonds would be the very last thing I would buy at Wal-Mart. Of course, Wal-Mart is the very last place I would go to shop in the first place. I do not like that place.

But after a major disaster, like the Everglades freezing solid or a major hurricane, I would have no issues looting a Wal-Mart. Survival first! But I am not going to pay for the stuff I get from there.

Libby said...

hey, tlp, come to my place to read about tif tuesday!

AP3 said...

Wow, diamonds! Who knew?

That's a great cartoon.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Rats! I missed the question AGAIN. Poop. (I guessed it was spaghetti.)

Doug said...

You're right, TLP! I give up diamonds! No more for me.

Hope it snows.

Bela said...

We had a very short snowfall the other night, very late. Lots of sleepyheads missed it.

I once bought a cute peridot pendant in the French equivalent of Wal-Mart. It doesn't show when I wear it. LOL! I love diamonds, btw. Ethical ones, of course. The ones I have are very old. I have no way of finding out where they were mined.

Enjoyed the funny story (how it relates to your post, TLP, I don't know) but I'm not sure about the URL it comes from. LOL!

quilldancer said...

Hmmm - we've had more snow than that in Vegas this winter!

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