Monday, January 29, 2007

On the road again

Radio Question of the Day:
The tallest one of these was built back in 1999 in Bethel, Maine...What is it?


Daughters 3D and Acton Bell and I are going to Punxsutawney PA to see the Groundhog predict how long winter will last this year. Actually this year it will be to see if winter ever gets started. That Phil. Youngest daughter AP3 can't make it. Bummer.

We still don't have snow, but it has turned cold finally. Just in time for us to go up the mountain in the middle of the night, in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the winter. It would be so neat if it snowed! After the rodent comes out and prognosticates, they have wonderful fireworks. I've never seen fireworks while it was snowing.

We'll leave on Wednesday, January 31, and return on February 2 late. We'll have fun, whatever the little rat predicts.

Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:
Snowman (113 feet tall...They used two 10-foot trees for arms and six tires for the mouth.)

Yeah, well they get SNOW! Unlike some places I know. Damnitall.


kenju said...

You WANT snow??? What's wrong with ya'?

I'm praying that rodent will not see his shadow!!

lime said...

we actually had enough snow to cover the grass finally, it's basically all gone already but there was actual white stuff falling from the sky for a while.

have fun!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I remember when you went to sat that little guy do his predicting last year, too! I hope you have a fine old time my dear, and I'll hope for snow for you, too!

the amoeba said...

Good thing Bethel didn't try for that snowman record this year. Yeah, there's some white stuff on the ground, but don't breathe, you'll blow it all away.

Those of us who are allergic to shovels aren't complaining too loudly ...

actonbell said...

No snow!
"No, no, no, well yes, a bit" as the Pythons would say. It can snow a bit.
You gotta pack lots of stuff in the winter. Geez.

Rachel said...

Enjoy your trip and don't forget to say the magic words on the 1st!!

Groundhog day! Well, that means spring is right around the corner!

AP3 said...

I wish I could be there!


Have a great time!!!

Logophile said...

Have a safe trip and rabbit rabbit in advance.

gordaboo said...

How neat! Your close enough to drive and see this. I've seen it portrayed on Groundhound Day the movie only...can't imagine the real thing. Have fun.

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Libby said...

have fun, lucy! i'm in ohio, and the snow is on the way!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well of course I missed this question. I was thinking practical, like the tallest outhouse, the tallest septic tank, and so on.

2-1 (and I am trying this from memory) Punxatawny Phil pisses on the Grand Master. (Punxsatawney?)

AP3 said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Hope you're having fun.

goldennib said...

Say Hi to PP and enjoy. They predict snow for tonight. Good luck.

Minka said...

have a lovely trip and rabbit rabbit, everybody!

lime said...

it's feb 1st so.....rabbit rabbit

neva said...

Rabbit, rabbit! hope you all have a safe and fun (fun) trip! xox

Rachel said...

Rabbit, Rabbit!!

PI said...

Welcome back! Did you have snow? Here in our part of the UK we have unseasonal mild weather. Think there must be something in this global warming.

Fred said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Hope you had a great trip!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Anzious to hear about your trip Lucy, and that little creature's trip out into the daylight!
Hope you and your girls had a good time!

schnoodlepooh said...

I guess you won't be seeing any winter this year. Isn't that what Phil decided? And I heard that Phil is actually a FEMALE this year? Is that true? Could you tell?