Saturday, April 15, 2006

This and that and the other thing

I just filed our Federal Income Tax Return on Friday. We usually owe a couple of thousand dollars, but only owed a little over a thousand this time. If you're about to brag about how much your refund was, all I can say is that your refund was your money to begin with. I just kept my money longer than you did. And no, we've never had to pay a penalty. I was an accountant before I retired. I know the rules.

It's about 3 AM now. I just now filed our State Income Tax on-line. It's April 15, but this year I could have waited all the way to the 17th. So, I was early on it.

I don't mind paying taxes. Honestly. If we didn't pay taxes, then we wouldn't have libraries, street lights, and paved roads and all those wonderful things. We wouldn't be able to afford to invade other countries either. But that's a different rant.

I watched a Monk re-run tonight while stalling on finishing the State Income Tax. That Monk. He's so neurotic that he makes me look sane. Almost. I love that show.

I have just washed all the windows in the house, inside and out, and that's a big job. My fingernails are shot to hell because of it. Naturally if you wash the windows you also take down and wash the curtains or other WTs. That's window treatments for you WT dummies out there.

I was sick today, or actually it's tomorrow now, so that was yesterday that I was sick. Anyway, stop distracting me I said, I was sick, so I was in bed on-and-off all day. Slept a lot. So now I'm wide awake at 3 AM, which means that tomorrow, or actually that's today now, I will be tired and sleepy, and so I will probably sleep a lot, which will mess up the day-after-tomorrow, which is actually just tomorrow, since today is the tomorrow I was talkin' 'bout before you started messin' with my mind here.

You just read the Meme that Puppytoes made me do to you. So, blame her, not me. She's sweet an' all, but I don't mind pickin' on sweet people. They don't usually hit back. NOTE TO PUPPYTOES: that was not a challenge.

The Meme was to tell 6 things you didn't need to know about me. I could go on and on, 'cause you don't need to know anything at all about me. And you don't even care, do you?

*goes off in a snit*


Logophile said...

I care,
I feel you pain.
I want to know more.
And I do love Monk, funny stuff.
I rewrote that poem as I couldn't find it and will be posting it Monday, since you told me too.
See how influential you are??

still life said...

Hey, I kind of liked that little meme-didn't even see it coming. But then again I can get a little wrapped up in window treatment talk... and Monk, oh and Frasier too! You know truthfully, I'm happy just to talk about anything. Pitiful.

kenju said...

I don't know that I "care", but I did find it fun to read. Come and wash my windows now, since your nails are already shot!

AP3 said...

Great job, turning a meme into a fun post! Bravo!

I can't believe how you wash the windows. Yikes.

Congrats on filing your taxes. I owed the IRS $38, but got back $16 from the state. :-)

dddragon said...

I remember the time I came home from my summer job at 2 AM to find you painting the downstairs bathroom.

You ARE sick, you know.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL. I always get a kick out of your posts...I LOVE your humor Tan Lucy...
I love MONK, too!
Thanks for the visit and I hope your Easter is a Very Very Happy One!

Rachel said...

I agree with OOLOTH. Very funny post TLP!! I'm still trying to figure out if it was tomorrow or today or just tomorrow or just today or.....oh, never mind!

(Loved the cartoon too!)
Happy Easter TLP!

puppytoes said...

i care!! and in no way did i think you were offering up a challenge! tee hee!

but is this post for today or tomorrow? or did you do it yesterday for next week? was it last night? this morning?? (oooh, i get so confused!)

hope you're feeling better... and that you have a glorious weekend! : D

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Even when you're in pain and sleepless you're pretty funny, Ms. Pez.

Giggle Hoss.

lime said...

ok mrs accountant. wil l the snoopy strategy really work???

and ya know snits are for kids. it's unbecoming so grow up already will ya. we care darn it! hehehe. wanna come wash my winodws since you are such an expert?

hope you are all better soon and get some sleep, yer cranky when sleep depriced, hehehe

love ya, lucy! happy spring!

Libby said...

great cartoon, tlp! the one time we owed taxes, i wrote the check, & in the memo, wrote groceries, then crossed it out with a line, and wrote taxes!

KristieD said...

the very 1st time i ever filed my taxes when i was 17 $ made like 3000$...i owed 1.25!!

nice comic tho!

actonbell said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better:) and also glad you defined WT to me. And now I'm contemplating the fact that my WT's haven't been washed in recent memory, and heck, I don't have any WT's in the room I'm sitting in now, just starkers, since I'm never starkers here, so who cares about WTs?
Today is today, and I don't know how yesterday got gone. I was a couchpotato trying to finish reading something, and then I got THE LOOK, which meant, "go running now, honey, cuz it's soon time for movies and you haven't done a bloody thing all day," so I went running and came back and ate junk and drank beer and watched two movies. Maybe I should have emailed this?
See you later? If you're napping, it's okay. We'll pencil us in on the calendar for later.

PI said...

Re boring: my grandad was a boring engineer so boring is good.
It's so nice to hear someone else is a Monk fan. We have recently had a run of them in the afternoons and it's the one programme my husband and I can watch together. Don't tell anyone but I really relate to him at times.
He is so convincing I can't help wondering if it is all acting but know nothing about him as an actor.
Came via Hoss.

Fred said...

Thanks for sending me some of your money, TLP. I'll think of you when I deposit the check.

Fuckkit said...

A meme cunningly disguised as a Proper Post? Will wonders never cease? ;)

puppytoes said...

in my efforts to respond (or not respond) to the post you did yesterday (for tomorrow?) i totally forgot to add one thing...

that cartoon is hysterical!! oh how we lovelovelove peanuts!! : D

AND!!! hope EVERYONE VOTES for TLP's caption (on belle of the brawl) this week!!! it's very clever and funnyfunnyfunny (just like TLP)!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I was reading a meme and didn't even know it.

I applaud you for washing the windows. That's big job! I hope they are streak free, because I get so mad when I wash a window or a mirror and it has streaks on it.

3 a.m.??? Get to BED earlier tonight!!

Bela said...

That was very funny, whatever day it was.

I love Monk too, although it's quite painful to watch sometimes: life is obviously so painful for the guy.

Hope you feel better very soon, TLP. We can't have you unwell, can we?

Keith said...

The bit about not minding paying taxes gets me. Normally I don't mind paying taxes for the local services, ie., libraries, street lights, police, refuse collection, etc., but our Local government keeps putting the council tax up by more than the rate of inflation, and cutting back on the services. Now they are going to charge an extra tax called a "View Tax". In other words, if you have a nice view from your windows, then you have got to pay for it! What the f**k has that got to do with providing services? SoI will have to brick up my windows, or dirty them with mud and put up filthy curtains to avoid paying it, because I have the most magnificent view over the valley.

Doug said...

There's rules?

Saur♥Kraut said...

I hate taxes. Despite the fact that the gov't. always owes me money, it's stillllll stressful. This year (and last) I have an accountant doing it, but HE is a procrastinator and is no better than *I* am. I won't see my money till June at best, I'm betting.

The Phoenix said...

I'm a huge Monk fan as well. It's such a different kind of show, and he's not your typical hero. Funny how something like OCD that cripples is really his strength.

I'm getting a refund, but you're right. It's all the same anyway. In fact, you could take that money that would've been withdrawn and invested it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

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