Friday, April 07, 2006

Strollin' in the park

Radio question of the day:

One out of ten people can claim that they have had one of these for at least ten years... What is it?


Yesterday I took a cancer patient to Hershey Medical Center for her chemotherapy treatment. I take her every three weeks. I stay with her for the first hour or so, and then I go and amuse myself in the town. Hershey is a sweet little town.

At Hersheypark, there is an area called Chocolate World. Chocolate World has a buncha stuff. There's a free ride, which explains how the chocolate that we eat is produced. At the end of the ride they give you free candy. Naturally, I frequently take the ride and the candy. It's fun, and they've just "re-done" the ride so I had to check it out.

Also inside Chocolate World are all kinds of souvenirs for sale and food, etc. I had a hot fudge sundae. I'm getting all goose pimply just remembering it.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm, just right. So I decided to walk towards the amusement park itself. I walked around the edge of it and lo and behold, a side gate was wide open. So I just strolled my brassy little self right in. There were a fair number of maintenance people working: testing the rides, planting pansies, just generally being maintenance people.

No one bothered me. No one challenged me. I expected the amusement police to speed up to me at any moment, but nothing. It was awesome being in this huge empty amusement park just walking around. I took some pictures on my cell phone, but I'd have to read the instruction book to figure out how to e-mail them to my blog, and I'm too lazy. The best photos I took were of the carrousel. It's an all-wood carrousel, with moving and stationary horses, that spins counter-clockwise when it's running. A Wurlitzer roll-sheet plays military band organ music. It's a nice carrousel.

I called daughter 3D to crow that I was inside the park. Naturally she said: "Blog about it! " So that's what I'm doin' here.


Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:

A pair of underwear.

Oh, yeah? I bet each and every one of those "one in ten" is male. Those men.
Oh, unless you count women who have a sexy pair of undies which they have never worn. Given to them by a man of course. GUYS: get a clue. If you give a woman sexy underwear, you are giving yourself a gift. It doesn't count as a gift to her.


Anonymous said...

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lime said...

chocolate world is great fun. i thnk the last time i was there my kids rode on that thing 6 times just to get the free candy bars over and over again. lol

i have a 12 yr old sports bra i never wear. does that count?

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Jesus Christ said...

Your blog is a great blessing to the internet, my child! Let not these spammers lead it down the path of unrighteousness!

Saur♥Kraut said...

According to Miss Celania, 1 in 10 people in England wear their underwear for 3 days in a row. Ewww.

Rachel said...

My underwear is not that old! Gotta have nice, no holes, no stains, and comfy underwear at all times!

Your visit to the chocolate park sounds wonderful. That sundae sounds even better!

razorbeck said...

Aww c'mon lucy that sexy pair of underwear is the gift that keeps on giving lol. And just a quick hint the other men will hate me for ummm ou are much better at spotting your cellulite than we are, we like the whole package and dont see the thin gs you hate about your body

Lucy said...

It last's that long cuz it doesn't fit.

I've used my pic phone - i just added my email address as a contact name and then send pics there. Works fast and pics are decent.

Anonymous said...

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Sar said...

Whoa TLP, what's with all the spam? I prefer the chocolate.

I admire your bravato waltzing in the park like that. Good for you! And Lucy's right with her cellphoto suggestion.

Hey thanks again for your birthday wishes and fun comments. The site of stacked TLPs was just so funny. Er, did I just say TLP's stacked?

kenju said...

I thought the answer would be a cell phone....LOL

Doug said...

Wow, what's this about making extra money?

Why does your brassy little self think we don't know the sexy underwear is a gift to ourselves?

dddragon said...

Sar, TLP is definitely NOT stacked.

actonbell said...

Hi, Mom! Great post. I can see I've missed a lot, too. I don't like sundaes, but their hot chocolate is worth the drive! And it's neat that you went strolling in the park.
The last time I was there, it was crowded, and one woman hopped a plastic chain link fence to take a picture of something, so one of her friends sneaked up and shouted something like, "MADAM, PLEASE MOVE BACK TO THE SIDEWALK!" boy, did they scare her...wrong, but funny, and I didn't even know her:)

Minka said...

I personally find it offending when a guy give sme sexy underwear. For many reasons:
a) am I not sexy enough
b) and, pray tell, what will you dress in to be more apealing to me?
c) they always get the sizes, colour and material wrong!

and you are so right...they buy it as a present to themselves!

AP3 said...

How cool to be in the amusement park alone! I think I'd like that. Seems like a good setting for a short story.

schnoodlepooh said...

I was going to say vacuum cleaner, but then that's just the kind of mood that I'm in.

I'm glad that you didn't get arrested by the amusement police. Probably because you were behaving yourself and being amused???

Jamie Dawn said...

How fun to be in that amusment park before it's even opened to the public yet. You were brave!

No way! Ten years! I toss my panties and replace them a few times a year. I don't like shabby looking undies.

bornfool said...

You're right about the sexy underwear. They last a long time.

Mindless Dribbler said...

I cleaned out my underwear drawer recently, got rid of my ten and olders.

Man, it's only 9:15 a.m and I could handle one of them hot fudge sundaes.

Peter said...

Did you ask them to start up the carrousel so you could have a ride Lucy?

puppytoes said...

we lived in villanova for 2 years and never once ventured into that park! but now that i know about the chocolate samples and...sigh... hot fudge sundays? i am so gonna talk joel into going down there sometime soon!

by the way, TLP, you are so brazen! (and good for you!) don't know if i'd have done the same--altho' many (manymany) years ago, my girlfriend and i strolled down a jet walk at LAX so we could see what a 747 looked like, up close and personal! (clearly that was A) when 747's were a "new" thing and B) before airports started using security!). eventually a flight attendant came up and told us to leave, but it was still pretty cool!

as for your comment on sexy undies/gifts from guys... ain't it the truth! i mean, i suppose it's flattering, but i'm a comfort kind of gal, myself--which my husband, thankfully, thinks is cute (lucky for me, he's easy). every time one of those stinkin' victoria's secret commercials come on, i groan, and he usually just sighs... tee hee! (tho' seriously, who do they make those commercials for, anyway? actually, i think we all know the answer to that!) : D

Libby said...

lucy...i thought for sure the answer to the radio question was gonna be 'a spouse'!!
as for underwear..victoria's secret sends a catalogue to my husband (in his name!) every 2 wks or so, for an 'annual sale', ya know? so i but lotsa stuff there!! he never bitches about me spending $$ there!!