Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something new

Did I tell you guys that I've started a yoga class? I didn't think so.

I can't do this yet.

Or this.

Certainly not this.

This one is still not within my grasp.

All I'm tryin' to do is to learn how to completely relax.

I've gotten this position down pat.

I'll keep you posted. No pun intended of course.


Quilldancer said...

DVD or class? I've been thinking about it. Suddenly my joints are starting to ache. Oc says I'm getting old. Someday he'll say that one too many times and he'll suddenly stop getting older.

Tom & Icy said...

We can do that last position, too. But the really hard part is getting out of it.

actonbell said...

Tom's right:)
That's a great cat picture,LOL. And those guys didn't even drink that beer.

Congratulations on posting again!

TLP said...

A real, live class, Quilly. With a bona fided teacher and all.

I have no problem getting out of a recliner T & I, 'cause I'm always getting up to go to the frig.

You inspired me Acton.

Doug said...

There's a pole-dancing granny asana?

jan said...

Can I take your class? I can do that last one, but human bodies are not meant to do the others.

puppytoes said...

i like that last pose because i can do it while sitting in the zen.

oy. i haven't been around for awhile, and when i finally DO comment, it's to leave a big fat -- and stupid -- pun.

still in shock over those first few poses. wonder if we could convince Miz Bohemia to create a bloga (blog + yoga) in order to teach us all how to be more limber.

oh, and Quilly? thinkin' OC better take a look at his own sorry ass before saying something like that to you again! just sayin'... last time i looked, your guy was the same age as me! (in other words... not young) ; ) neva

ariel said...

Yoga is good. That old lady impresses me so much. A little frightening, though.

TLP said...

Yep, Doug, at least there are pole-dancing grannies in the sauna at the Y.

Sure Jan, you can join. But the instructor will force you to bend and twist 'til you squeal like a little boy.

I agree Puppy. Everyone around here (and in the class) is younger than I, so no lip about old age is allowed.

Ariel, she's a show off, huh?

Nessa said...

I've done that 4th position...not intentionally of course and I may have been a tad younger.

tsduff said...

ouch. and ouch again. I think my parts can't stretch like that.

kenju said...

Lucy, it shouldn't take you too long, should it? LOL

That top picture is creepy!

Libby said...

tlp, i was gonna ask if the guy in the first pic was in your class? i just saw a show on the news the other day about a chinese boy who did the splits while on roller skates (on purpose, sillies!), and he sould go all the way down, skated under a truck that was sitting there! but, he was perfectly flat!!

TLP said...

So far I can actually do okay Nessa, but we haven't gotten to the hard stuff yet.

No pain, no gain, huh Terry? Only they swear that it's not supposed to hurt.

Let's face it Judy: I'll never be able to do the stuff in these pix.

I saw that too Libby! That was so amazing! He looked like an insect when he spread himself out like that.

Bela said...

I'm in stitches - again. I can't knit myself into any of those positions, though, except the last one, obviously. ;-)

Pia Savage said...

I'm trying. The last one does come naturally but the foot rest to my recliner is somewhere not here--probably in my storage

Thank you for that magnificent comment
For me to get the TLP seal of approval on my new blog is like winning the triple crown, or learning all the yoga positions :)
secret life of doormen

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You must love punishment. Or you hate it. I'm not sure yet.

TLP said...

Actually J I'm slapping myself for getting into this, but I'll finish it or die. Or maybe finish it AND die.

LOL Pia! That's funny.

I hate it Gene. Right down to my socks. Which the instructor makes me take off. But I'm gonna love it .... someday.

AP3 said...

Cool! Good for you! I'm going to do a post in your honor...

That kitty looks like Eixnihps Garfield Pez.

TLP said...

POST? You're going to post kiddo? Whoa! I'll be watching.

You're right about the kitty. I hadn't noticed that. But without seeing the face it's hard to tell. I don't think this kitty has the black spot on the nose or chin.

mireille said...

You are THE woman. I think this is wonderful. Please post pictures. OF YOU. xoxo

PI said...

How sweet of you to tell me you've gotten this position down - in the last cartoon.
Seriously tho' - over the years Yoga has been an enormous help to me. Just take it easy, do what you can and use the breathing and relaxing.

Nessa said...

I've put up a new Scavenger Hunt list.

TLP said...

Hi Mireille! I don't think there will be pictures of me. Just sayin'.

Good for you PI. *sigh*

I'll be there Nessa!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL...The BEST LAUGH I've had all day!
Thanks dear TL.....You really are a wondedr and I love you with all my heart!

This is "perfect".