Monday, January 10, 2005

Authentic Indian Name

Want your authentic indian name? Click here:

I don't like mine, but my SO's is fun: Lucas Fluffy Frypan. LAMO


AP3 said...

Mine is Celia Testy Gorilla. Now THAT's authentic!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well,mine is Beatrice Parental Mayflower, which is strangely authentic too!

Mu said...

My name is: Rayellen Chatty Chinook!

AP3 said...

Hey... You know how we say Xena is part fruitbat? Well... I just put Xena (Our Last Name) into the thingie, and YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE what her name is:

Agnes Rayon Fruitbat!!!!!

Too funny!

actonbell said...

I don't like mine, either, and will make up my own later! And, Aral, it's pretty hard to believe you came up with fruitbat for Xena! Man!