Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year

Radio Question of the Day:

Of all those who work in retail this time of year, 13% of them will be doing this once the shopping season ends. What is it?

Y'all be careful out there. And be nice. Nice is a good thing.


Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:

*Seeking therapy for customer-related abuse. Whoa! You guys! Think it over. These people don't make enough money to be abused that hard.

*Source: Com Psych Corporation

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays

Radio Question of the day:
One in five of us do this every day during the Holidays...what is it?


I sincerely hope that all of you have the best of whatever-holiday-it-is-that-you-celebrate!


Answer to the question of the day:

Weigh ourselves.

Just give up and enjoy the holidays. There's all of next year to diet. Just like last year, right?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still shopping?

Radio Question of the Day:

59% of people do this during their Holiday shopping. What the heck is it?


I'm glad I'm not out shopping. Even the streets around our puny malls are like parking lots. The traffic is so heavy, it looks like California.


Answer to the Radio Questin of the Day:

Bump into another car while backing out of a parking space.

I saw what you did and I'm telling.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Radio Question of the Day:
Besides long lines and traveling, this is the # 1 thing Americans say they dread about the holiday season. What is it?

For me it's putting up the Christmas tree. But then I do love having it once it's up and looking all pretty. Until I start dreading taking it down...

Today I finally got the darn thing up and trimmed.

Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:

The office Christmas party.

Huh! I didn't love those in my working days, but they weren't terrible.

That Harvey.

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's dangerous out there

Radio Question of the Day:

Twelve states now offer public school students the option to earn credits in this subject by attending online classes. What is the subject?

I’m getting out of shape ‘cause my walking buddy Irene is remodeling her living room and is getting more exercise than she needs just by stripping wallpaper, sanding, painting, etc. So, we didn’t walk some days last week, and are skipping the first part of this week too.

You’re probably thinking that ol’ TLP could go walking in the mall all on her own. Well, you are so wrong! What if I got lost? What if some handsome knight on a white horse just swept me up and carried me away? Those handsome knights. I dare not go walking alone.

It’s not that I’m too damn lazy to walk and have to have a friend tapping her foot and waiting on me to meet her. Nope. Not that at all. It’s that a big, green, two-headed, three-toed, crossed-eyed, six-clawed, four-horned, orphan-reaping monster sits in front of the garage door and refuses to let me get the car out each morning that Irene isn’t going to meet me. Would I lie?

That wasn’t very nice. What you just said about me. Hrmpf. You bloggers.

Where was I before you guys started callin’ me a lazy ass? Oh, yeah! I was gonna give you the answer to the question of the day.
Answer to the Radio Question of the Day:


Huh??? Well, it turns out that their source was Playboy Magazine. I’m going to say, “Consider the source.” No tellin’ what-all Playboy Magazine considers exercise. Oh! Maybe I shouldn’t poo-poo this idea until I’ve seen the exercise tapes. I should do some research. Any of you ever Google Playboy?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Rabbit Rabbit

It's Rabbit Rabbit time. But I'm not here. I'm over at Bela's Slap of the Day. You should try slappin' someone or something. FUN.

You know the drill. Ya gotta say Rabbit Rabbit on the first of each month. It could keep you off Skid Row. Just sayin'.

And while you're out there Christmas shopping, remember a fool and his bunny are soon parted. Watch your bunny!